Will’s Phrases

I keep a running list of these and keep forgetting to post them. By the time I remember to do it, he doesn’t say them anymore! But there’s even more reason to keep on top of it.

  • Dull-bozer = Bulldozer. What’s fun about this one is that he’ll correct us if we say it the right way.
  • For awhile all we would hear for answers to questions was “I no ro” (I don’t know). It was infuriating at the time, but he’s moved on to “why” now, so there’s that.
  • Instead of saying that he was “stacking” things, Will would “cover” them. So two books needed to be covered, not stacked.
  • If you ask Will a question, he’ll often answer in a complete sentence. “What’s you’re favorite color?” “My favorite color is red”.
  • Will can’t wake up until the sun is up, so every morning he has to check and make sure if “the sky is on”. At night, “the sky is off”.
  • Sometimes in the midst of a tense moment or shortly after, we hear that “something is happening” or “something happened”. It means that there was something too much for him to process or explain accurately.
  • Will identifies every letter of his name as being “for” him. M is for me! A is for me! I is for me! His “reading skill” for this level of preschool is name identification, but it can mean that every time he sees the letters from his name he thinks it says “William Buch” even if it just says “Will” but it’s pretty cute when he spots his name in a safety warning “this gate will not prevent injury”.
Of course the best phrase ever (sappy mom moment ahead) is hearing Will say (mostly to Becca), “I love you very much”. Well that and “I love carrots soooo much. They’re delicious.” Don’t let that fool you into thinking he’ll eat more than one baby carrot, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Becca Turns One

At 1, Becca is adventurous (not dangerous, daring!) and enthusiastic (she loves to clap and laugh and get right into things). She’s a mover and a shaker. Her favorite things include balls, spoons, and bows. Her favorite foods are meat, cereal, crackers, and avocados (or whatever things she doesn’t have enough teeth to chew that Will is getting to eat without her).

We celebrated her birthday at home with cupcakes, and then Grandmommy, Auntie Christine & Riley visited later in the week and we went to Busch Gardens. Becca got a whole bunch of teeth all at once and was in pain for a few days so she probably didn’t enjoy her birthday week all that much, but she liked her new clothes, balls, and dolly. As of last week, also, she’s officially walking more than crawling – she had been taking a couple steps at a time, but now she lurches across rooms to get from place to place and only crawls if she falls down and it’s going to be faster anyway.


Hey wait, who’s day is this?

She can say:


Becca, 9 months on

Swingin'. Grown up and tiny at the same time.
I’m pretty sure all parents feel like their kids are growing up too fast, but there’s a point where your little tiny baby all of a sudden has opinions and starts trying to do things on her own and you’re all like whaaaa? Where did that come from?

Cooking together

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Becca started scooting right at 6 months and making it clear where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do. Between 8 and 9 months she got up on her knees and picked up some speed, and started pulling to standing. We call her danger baby because she’ll stand up next to anything, never mind how stable, and often let go. Thankfully she’s stabilized a little bit and also learned to plop down instead of falling backwards quite so much. She’s started climbing a bit, although she hasn’t had full opportunities to show us that skill. The other day I caught her climbing up on the dishwasher door and also doing a pull-up to stand on it.
This one has been waking up early to spend extra time with me before work this week
Just when I thought my kitchen days were over because she wanted to be cruising around getting into everything, she learned to eat puffs and sit in her high chair or bouncy seat snacking for a little bit. She’s got very little interest in pureed baby food – that would involve someone else feeding her with a spoon, and who wants that? She’ll eat it from a pouch, or feed herself thankyouverymuch. She wants to eat exactly what we’re eating, and is a big fan of meat, hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, and bread (probably because Will is basically a vegetarian). She likes to chew on green vegetables (her first favorites were snap peas as teethers) and loves black beans, rice, and pasta. I’m slowly getting used to the fact that there’s another mouth to feed at the table and she won’t be happy at meal time unless she has her own full serving.

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She’s not a cuddler because she’s always on the move, but that makes it even more special when she lays her head on your chest for a split second. She’ll still hang out in the carrier, especially if she’s not feeling well, but that may be because the eagle eye view helps her know what’s going on.

Just about big enough to start helping, right?

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She wants to play with all of Will’s big-boy toys, and I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s joining in on all of the fun.


Will, right about now

Will’s at such a fun age right now – he’s moved beyond the “copy everything we say” stage to where we’re starting to get an insight on what he’s thinking about. The first time I can really think of was at Christmas when he started saying “Grandma” and when we went to Christmas town and he couldn’t stop talking about the penguins and horses. Now he’s starting to tell stories: “One time, little pigs built house”. 

A lot of Will’s language in play centers around trains and the things he’s heard in Thomas shows and books. If something is under a table or the couch, it is “under the tunnel”. Trigger’s kennel? A tunnel. Will told me a detailed story the other night about how Gordon (the train) had gone down “the tunnel in the toilet”. (He had not, thank goodness). We don’t have any Thomas tracks yet, but that just means everything is a track. And because in the show there are “troublesome trucks”, Will often talks about “troublesome tracks”. The car that James pulls behind him is called baby James number 5. Thomas is “Thomas the tank engine number 1”.

Will has learned his letters, and it’s kind of snuck up on me that he knows them now. He may not say them when you ask, but if you listen when he’s playing on his own he’ll accurately identify the letters on the alphabet train or you’ll hear him say under his breath “DEFGH”. We haven’t done anything with lowercase, but he’s figuring them out. I had to remind myself this morning that when he was spelling out “Dinos.u…” that he couldn’t really spell, that he was just pointing out the letters he knew. Most things are identified first by their colors. “Mama! Purple jacket!” Who knows how high he can count – we’ve heard up to 13, but I think he can probably go higher, and he can identify them by sight up to 10. It’s really just the start of all he’ll learn!


Becca at 6 Months

Valentine's day heart pants!

Here’s Becca at six months: smiley, wanting to be a part of the party, yelling if she feels like she isn’t, babbling along. Scooting her way across the room, especially if there’s paper that can go in her mouth or a toy that her brother has that looks more fun than what she’s playing with. Loving Trigger, and all the people in the house. Not a great napper, loves to be held until she’s ready to wriggle away. No time to sit still. A pretty good sleeper, unless of course she’s not feeling well or going through a growth spurt. Eats only when she’s hungry, which is probably why she’s so skinny (but tall!). Starting to look more like her daddy when she smiles. Capturing all of our hearts.


Fancy Pants


I wanted to just post this photo without an explanation, but doesn’t it look like those crazy Vogue fashion shoots where they’ve got the model in the middle of a farmyard in her $40,000 gown? Kind of like sending your toddler in velvet pants and a ruffly white shirt to run in your muddy backyard, right?