Maternity fashion

18 weeks, 5 days

I’m still wearing a lot of my normal clothes, making them stretch wherever I can, even though I’ve been in maternity pants since about week 11. A lot of waistbands are uncomfortable and the bella band is not so fun- it feels like I’m being bound into something, which isn’t really great in the VA heat. Now that I’m back in an office, though, I can’t just wear baggy pants that I have to hold up when I walk. I can zip a lot of my skirts high over my belly, and most jersey dresses have plenty of stretch. It’s so much easier to find one dress that fits than a pair of pants with a stretchy enough waistband and a coordinating top that’s long enough to cover the stretchy part! I do have hand-me-down, garage sale, and thrift store maternity to keep me going – estimating how big I’ll get in the fall when the garage sales are done! If you know me at all you know that I hate repeating outfits, so I’m trying to remind myself that it’s okay having a more limited wardrobe now, and that I can stretch things with accessories to make them more fun, too.

18 weeks, 6 days

What’s funny to me, though, is how much the visibility of my bump changes depending on what I’m wearing. It’s not like I’m intentionally trying to hide it, but different clothes fit differently. That dress on the top got a comment about whether or not I’m having twins (that would surprise us all, because our ultrasound was pretty clear) and the cardigan in the bottom looks like I’m fooling no one in a muumuu. There are still people that I have to tell, though, or who are nice enough not to assume that I don’t just have some extra belly fat. As soon as I get any news my first instinct is to ask myself “what will I wear?”, so not being able to plan in advance what clothes will fit at what stage is making planning ahead tough, but it’s still kind of a fun creative challenge. I’ve read a lot of blogs with advice from other pregnant moms about “how to dress the bump”, but everyone’s growth and body shape seems to be completely different at different stages, and people have different work dress codes and comfort tolerances, so it’s fun to see how they’ve tackled the challenge but there are also things that we have to figure out for ourselves.


Looks like I have some reading to do

Thanks to my friend Jodie, the library, and some recommendations from the library, my reading pile is stacked high. I haven’t made it too far, though – this is one thing where my research bug isn’t kicking in, or maybe it’s just too much information all at once. I can only digest so much at a time. Although I’ve been reading pregnancy and mommyblogs for a long time, and I’m loving the birth stories over on designmom so much.

This pile can mostly wait until after November, I’m thinking, right? Well okay, maybe the basics are good to know ahead of time.

And, the least likely to be read, the dad books. But maybe we’ll take a road trip between now and November and read these outloud.



Here’s how my google searches go:

1.       Cloth diaper reviews (because there are so many kinds and so many brands and how do you know what works for you until you have the baby?)

2.       Cloth diaper sewing (kits and fabric, because it’s cheaper and why not since I can)

3.       Elimination Communication (because am I really going to have time to do all that sewing and I pretty much hate laundry)

Then I remind myself that I’m not crazy and it’s completely impractical and I shut the browser with nothing ordered and no decisions made. It’s a good thing we have five months to go here.


17 weeks, 5 days

I’ve felt the baby move a couple times now! Just little flutters, and in totally different spots, but the second time confirmed what I had felt. Pretty fun 🙂

Thought it was interesting today that I “announced” my pregnancy to someone at work and he had no idea. Granted, I had only met him a couple times (I needed to make sure he knew since we’re planning our schedule of deliverables for the next 14 months) and I guess I was wearing disguising clothing both times. Good to know some clothes still either hide the bump or just make me look a little pudgy, not pregnant. There are plenty of people I see in public who aren’t pregnant whose bellies are bigger than mine, so that’s why you never assume, anyway.

We traveled last weekend and it wasn’t very comfortable, especially some digestive stuff that was really unfortunate and came on as a result of a combination of a change in schedule, not taking medicine when I should have, and probably not having enough water. I’m gradually getting back to normal, but I’d rather not have a repeat performance if at all possible. I think I need to do more reading about other ways I can treat my IBS, too, now that my medications have had to change, so I got a couple from the library tonight.

I had leg cramps in the night a couple times a few weeks ago and attributed it to not taking my vitamins before bed those nights, but last night I definitely took it (with milk! take that, calcium deficiency), and they were the worst yet. It’s weird how I wake up right before the muscle seizes. I’m trying to stretch my legs more tonight, so hopefully that helps.


A few notes on the first trimester

1. Morning sickness is a complete misnomer. All day nausea is really what they should call it (although maybe they’re two different things).

2. I still don’t understand why the best thing I could do when I felt nauseous was to eat. It goes against every urge when you’re not feeling well, but it worked.

3. I have never snacked so much. But it turns out eating once an hour makes you really full when meal time comes. Like 5 bites of Chipotle and then done, full. I knew I was through the first trimester when at 15 weeks I could eat my entire Chipotle and be hungry an hour later. Yeah, the weight gain shouldn’t be a problem now.

4. Weeks sickness lasted: 14.5 (although it didn’t start til 5 or 6). Times I actually threw up: less than 5, I think, and 2 of those were for taking my multivitamin at the wrong time, and 1 for hormonal emotions, yay.

5. Weird pregnancy symptoms with the first pregnancy not experienced yet this time: melasma, the darkening of your pigmentation around your mouth, and soreness in my hip joints.

6. Foods that weren’t appetizing (but obviously I ate some, otherwise I might have starved): meat, carbs, dairy, fried foods. What I could eat: carrots with dip, apples. I’ve never been a cereal eater, but waking up hungry or sick and needing to eat right away has definitely turned me on to the idea.

Oh, and I almost forgot 7: The tiredness. Like wanting a nap all day long, and going to bed at 8:30 at night (which occasionally caused waking up at 4 not being able to go back to sleep, but I was so tired at night it was worth it). That’ll kill your productivity. Every time I thought I was getting energy back I would go on a walk or something that would put me back on the couch for another half day. I think Carl’s glad I can stay awake through an entire movie again.


thank you, stereotypes

I love pickles anyway, so I’m not really sure if I’m eating these because I’m craving them or just because I want to, but I’m glad for the excuse to eat the good kind. In the first trimester I didn’t have much appetite, but last week when I finally re-stocked our fridge I couldn’t pass these by. I’m eating one a day. Let’s not talk about the number of boxes of macaroni I’ve eaten so far.