A few notes on the first trimester

1. Morning sickness is a complete misnomer. All day nausea is really what they should call it (although maybe they’re two different things).

2. I still don’t understand why the best thing I could do when I felt nauseous was to eat. It goes against every urge when you’re not feeling well, but it worked.

3. I have never snacked so much. But it turns out eating once an hour makes you really full when meal time comes. Like 5 bites of Chipotle and then done, full. I knew I was through the first trimester when at 15 weeks I could eat my entire Chipotle and be hungry an hour later. Yeah, the weight gain shouldn’t be a problem now.

4. Weeks sickness lasted: 14.5 (although it didn’t start til 5 or 6). Times I actually threw up: less than 5, I think, and 2 of those were for taking my multivitamin at the wrong time, and 1 for hormonal emotions, yay.

5. Weird pregnancy symptoms with the first pregnancy not experienced yet this time: melasma, the darkening of your pigmentation around your mouth, and soreness in my hip joints.

6. Foods that weren’t appetizing (but obviously I ate some, otherwise I might have starved): meat, carbs, dairy, fried foods. What I could eat: carrots with dip, apples. I’ve never been a cereal eater, but waking up hungry or sick and needing to eat right away has definitely turned me on to the idea.

Oh, and I almost forgot 7: The tiredness. Like wanting a nap all day long, and going to bed at 8:30 at night (which occasionally caused waking up at 4 not being able to go back to sleep, but I was so tired at night it was worth it). That’ll kill your productivity. Every time I thought I was getting energy back I would go on a walk or something that would put me back on the couch for another half day. I think Carl’s glad I can stay awake through an entire movie again.


One thought on “A few notes on the first trimester

  1. So true! I definitely had the all-day sickness, the eating all day long, & the wanting to sleep all the time. The second trimester is so much better than the first!

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