17 weeks, 5 days

I’ve felt the baby move a couple times now! Just little flutters, and in totally different spots, but the second time confirmed what I had felt. Pretty fun 🙂

Thought it was interesting today that I “announced” my pregnancy to someone at work and he had no idea. Granted, I had only met him a couple times (I needed to make sure he knew since we’re planning our schedule of deliverables for the next 14 months) and I guess I was wearing disguising clothing both times. Good to know some clothes still either hide the bump or just make me look a little pudgy, not pregnant. There are plenty of people I see in public who aren’t pregnant whose bellies are bigger than mine, so that’s why you never assume, anyway.

We traveled last weekend and it wasn’t very comfortable, especially some digestive stuff that was really unfortunate and came on as a result of a combination of a change in schedule, not taking medicine when I should have, and probably not having enough water. I’m gradually getting back to normal, but I’d rather not have a repeat performance if at all possible. I think I need to do more reading about other ways I can treat my IBS, too, now that my medications have had to change, so I got a couple from the library tonight.

I had leg cramps in the night a couple times a few weeks ago and attributed it to not taking my vitamins before bed those nights, but last night I definitely took it (with milk! take that, calcium deficiency), and they were the worst yet. It’s weird how I wake up right before the muscle seizes. I’m trying to stretch my legs more tonight, so hopefully that helps.


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