Looks like I have some reading to do

Thanks to my friend Jodie, the library, and some recommendations from the library, my reading pile is stacked high. I haven’t made it too far, though – this is one thing where my research bug isn’t kicking in, or maybe it’s just too much information all at once. I can only digest so much at a time. Although I’ve been reading pregnancy and mommyblogs for a long time, and I’m loving the birth stories over on designmom so much.

This pile can mostly wait until after November, I’m thinking, right? Well okay, maybe the basics are good to know ahead of time.

And, the least likely to be read, the dad books. But maybe we’ll take a road trip between now and November and read these outloud.


One thought on “Looks like I have some reading to do

  1. Kimberly Wegleitner says:

    If I may suggest – don’t bother reading “What to Expect..” It’s a very panic inducing book and the majority of the issues it talks about affects a very, very small population of pregnant woman, or that’s my opinion anyway! Happy Reading!

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