Maternity fashion, 20 weeks

What, do you think it looks like I’m having a baby? Yup, I don’t think there’s any hiding that fact any more. I bought these pants at Old Navy (yay $10 sale!) because I only had gray dress pants and needed to be able to wear all the tops I’ve gotten second hand that don’t work with skirts- of course I went up a size for comfort and they dont’ really stay up and are a little dumpy in the legs, but at least they don’t pull on the hips, right? They have that convenient tab in the back that I can adjust the buttons in the elastic to get bigger, but so far it seems like they’ll just stretch right with me. It’s awfully nice having pants that don’t dig in when I sit down, though. That belt, however, won’t be worn again in pregnancy. I was so glad that I made it home and could take it off! I’ll have to find something else to cinch this top.

This outfit made me laugh because it was the first day under 100 degrees in a long time, so of course I’m wearing a sweater. Which didn’t feel that hot, which means I’ve grown accustomed. Maybe the problem with 100s in June isn’t that it’s hot early, it’s that we haven’t thinned our blood for the summer temps yet. Well, I’m in a cold office most of the day anyway, and I wasn’t feeling great about how narrow the straps were on this dress (non-maternity), so I wore the only thing that I could find in my closet that day that made it work.


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