maternity clothes, weeks 21-22

21 wks, 6 days, + flying puppy!

I’m getting to the point now where I’m wearing things just in case this is the last time I fit. I’m pretty sure that all of my non-maternity skirts that I used to be able to pull up a little higher and zip around the tummy are not options anymore, and the non-maternity shirts are starting to get too short. This dress is a motherhood maternity size small, so I’m concerned that it’s on the way out as well. It’s hard to believe I have 4 more months of growing! Just so I don’t outgrow all of the maternity sizes, too…you don’t think they’ll mind if the month of November I show up to work looking like a hobo in huge sweaters and sweatpants, do you?

22 wks, 4 days

Cnn tried to start a controversy last week with this report about forever 21’s maternity clothing line – which, for the record, is only bad for how boring it is and for the fact that I really don’t need more casual clothes right now. They tried to say that forever 21 is a store aimed at teenagers and by having younger styled maternity fashions they’re encouraging teen pregnancy. I don’t believe it, since I’m soon to be 30 and still shop there (although maybe I’ll have to reconsider that soon…), so just for kicks this top is from Miley Cyrus’s clothing line (from a friend, I didn’t buy it!) – you can’t get much more marketed to teenagers than that, right? And no, Miley didn’t make a maternity line, it’s just roomy.


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