23 weeks

23 wks, 3 days

I can see why they call this the “honeymoon” trimester –  I’m not too big to be terribly uncomfortable (even in this heat!), I get to feel the baby moving around but the kicks aren’t very painful, people can tell by looking that I’m pregnant, I have a reasonable amount of energy and don’t feel sick to my stomach (too often). I’m enjoying it while it lasts – about 3 more weeks til trimester 3.

One pet peeve, though – I really don’t mind when people comment on my size (really there’s just this one lady at work who does it anyway) – saying I look huge, like I’m going to have twins, that she can’t believe I still have four more months, whatever. Big babies run in my family and I may need to start carrying around pictures of my mom at 40 weeks to prove it to people before too long (although I did gain a little bit too much weight last month, so a little exercise wouldn’t hurt me either). What bugs me is the comments about how often I’m using the bathroom at work! One day she said she thinks I spend more time in the bathroom than at my desk (hardly true), that I should be going less frequently now that I’m not sick, and today commented that I was going for my first trip of the day, when really I was just going to fill up my cup with hot water for tea (ok, so I made a trip to the restroom while I was up, because why not). I drink a lot of water throughout the day, but now I’ve started timing my visits when she’s not at her desk so she won’t see me going, and I’m feeling self-conscious about it! One day she assumed that I’d been sick in there all morning, when in reality I was having a meeting at a cubicle one row over, so she couldn’t keep tabs on my activity. Oh well, I’ll just have to grow a little thicker skin for the comments, I guess. Of course, she’s the only person to make a semi-negative comment about our baby name, too, so I’m sure there’s more to come. Phew, rant over!


One thought on “23 weeks

  1. Kimberly Wegleitner says:

    You look fabulous! And, this woman at your work – what’s her deal?!? Shouldn’t she actually be working rather than monitoring whether you’re working or not? Crazy!

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