27 weeks

I wore this top just because I could and it fit (and yeah, I like any extra variety in my wardrobe), but wow was it annoying pulling that elastic waistband down over my belly over and over again. (Wow tired eyes in this photo, too!)

And this one’s just a good ole standbye stretchy jersey dress. Keeps stretching over that growing belly! I’ve found the bella band to be a useful alternative for camis that are kind of annoying to keep pulled down underneath a dress (from a tip on corporette) when I need a little extra coverage for a deep v. They itch by the end of the day, but I use it more for this purpose than for keeping pants up.


Baby vests

I’m working on my registries, and will do another one for etsy stuff that I’d love to be able to register for. But I love the idea of dressing out little guy in vests, for some reason, so here are some fun ones that I found looking around:

Click here to see the listings! And if you knit or crochet, you can take these as ideas for things to make for gifts for us!


25 week Maternity Fashion

Another dress from my non-maternity wardrobe. What makes me laugh is that when I bought it, I felt really self-conscious about how it skimmed my figure and specifically bought a slimmer to wear under it. There are many more rolls in my back at this point in time than there were then, but I’m not so bothered by it anymore! I’ll be curious to know how I feel when my body is “back to normal”, whatever that is. I hope I’m proud of however I end up. This dress will probably be too pilly to wear too much longer, being a rayon knit, but if it’s not noticeable I may keep with it.

Not much to say about this one, just an outfit where I felt cute! Linen jacket from Target over a knit Old Navy dress from Amber.


24 week Maternity Fashion

A trip to the baby consignment store to look at cribs means a new dress for me! Thanks Mom & Dad. I like this one because it’s a little bit pegged at the bottom, so it’s not flowy all the way down and gives a little bit more fitted of a figure. But it’s also still a knit, so comfy. You can’t see it here but I wore it with a vintage white and gold necklace so I could feel like it was still my style.

Someone at work this day asked me where I get all my cute maternity clothes, and I could proudly say that this wasn’t a maternity top, it’s just from my regular closet. What I didn’t say is that when I’m not pregnant it can be a mini-dress or a belted tunic, and now it’s a tent that drapes my “blossoming” figure, but oh well.

Honestly, this dress was probably too casual for the work event I went to the day that I wore it. Some days it’s just about feeling cute, instead of meeting the level of professionalism that I should. I was excited by the green belt and yellow shoes, but belts are starting to hurt, and I could barely keep it on long enough to take this picture.

By the way, I take these with the self timer on my camera, and I’m usually smiling because it’s all I can do not to laugh at how ridiculous it is that I’m posing for pictures in my back yard.