24 week Maternity Fashion

A trip to the baby consignment store to look at cribs means a new dress for me! Thanks Mom & Dad. I like this one because it’s a little bit pegged at the bottom, so it’s not flowy all the way down and gives a little bit more fitted of a figure. But it’s also still a knit, so comfy. You can’t see it here but I wore it with a vintage white and gold necklace so I could feel like it was still my style.

Someone at work this day asked me where I get all my cute maternity clothes, and I could proudly say that this wasn’t a maternity top, it’s just from my regular closet. What I didn’t say is that when I’m not pregnant it can be a mini-dress or a belted tunic, and now it’s a tent that drapes my “blossoming” figure, but oh well.

Honestly, this dress was probably too casual for the work event I went to the day that I wore it. Some days it’s just about feeling cute, instead of meeting the level of professionalism that I should. I was excited by the green belt and yellow shoes, but belts are starting to hurt, and I could barely keep it on long enough to take this picture.

By the way, I take these with the self timer on my camera, and I’m usually smiling because it’s all I can do not to laugh at how ridiculous it is that I’m posing for pictures in my back yard.


One thought on “24 week Maternity Fashion

  1. so cute! when i was pregnant (earlier this year in fact), i wore few maternity things because there are so many cute things out there that can be worn as maternity. though the maternity jeans eventually become a must buy (but i used the bella band for as long as i could).

    AND i love that you are taking self-portraits!! they are a must when you have a blog (and when you want to share photos like these). i hope you enjoy taking them even after your baby arrives. 🙂

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