25 week Maternity Fashion

Another dress from my non-maternity wardrobe. What makes me laugh is that when I bought it, I felt really self-conscious about how it skimmed my figure and specifically bought a slimmer to wear under it. There are many more rolls in my back at this point in time than there were then, but I’m not so bothered by it anymore! I’ll be curious to know how I feel when my body is “back to normal”, whatever that is. I hope I’m proud of however I end up. This dress will probably be too pilly to wear too much longer, being a rayon knit, but if it’s not noticeable I may keep with it.

Not much to say about this one, just an outfit where I felt cute! Linen jacket from Target over a knit Old Navy dress from Amber.


One thought on “25 week Maternity Fashion

  1. Jill VanderZiel says:

    Looking cute! I think I had only one “maternity” shirt when I was pregnant with Ezra, otherwise I wore only “normal” clothes. I found that regular knit tops and dresses worked just fine for maternity, and they snap right back into normal shape afterward, so I’m still wearing most of them!

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