30-32 weeks

Tarah's shower: Three preggos, and one co-host with energy to spare!

What can I say about the last few weeks?

  • The back pain did not last, thankfully
  • I got a cold that came mostly with a sore throat, so lemon & honey have been in my tea instead of milk and I’ve upped the Vitamin C. That seems to have kept it back to manageable levels.
  • We went to the beach for a night, and while I couldn’t swim in the ocean much for fear of the waves knocking me over, a dip in the pool was pretty wonderful – I could move! I gave my weak arms a little work-out trying to haul my body back and forth across that pool.
  • Still generally more tired, but I’ve also been working extra hours to make up for the beach trip and for our trip north this week for Cirque du Soleil and taking Trigger hunting.
  • I filled out my leave request for work, so hopefully that all gets approved and made official and all that.
  • I’m finding it less fun to look presentable each day – partially because I’m getting bigger, and partially because it’s still been so hot. I have some things with sleeves I haven’t worn as much, but they’re not so good when it’s in the 90’s and I’m overheating anyway. It seems to be cooling off this week though.
  • I may be displaying several signs of nesting. My priorities about cleaning the house seem to be increasing a bit…at the very least, I feel an increasing sense of urgency about all the things that I need to get done around here before the baby comes.

30 weeks, 3 days

32 weeks


Childbirth Class

We had our 7 hours childbirth class yesterday. It didn’t actually last that long by the time you factor in the lunch break and getting out early, but it definitely felt that long. It was good to get it out of the way all at once, though. We could have learned all the information at home watching a video, but I don’t know if we would have been as motivated to sit down and do it.

The class was definitely geared towards natural childbirth methods. I believe in them in theory- there are so many ways that God has designed our bodies with endorphins and hormones and the natural urge to push that it’ll be great if all that’s working together and we can go that way. I’ve heard too many stories, though, of everything that can go wrong, to attempt a home birth without medical attention. When they say: “the more you exercise now, the easier labor will be”, I hear “I’m not going to have the stamina for labor”. I try to walk every now and then, but I’ve never been known to work out and stamina is just not my thing. Tell you what, if I make it through labor the natural way, anyone could do it. My real fear is of having to be induced, especially from what I’ve heard about Pitocin. I’m ready mentally to go way past my due date (the Bradley book says 8 days after is average for first time moms), but it seems like if the doctor is recommending induction it would be a tough thing to turn down. And have I mentioned that big babies run in the family? Like 9 pounders? So I’m not sure how that will all come together for a natural delivery, but lets hope. I’m curious about what it’ll be like mentally and emotionally, too, because I can picture myself crying through the whole time, which just sounds exhausting!

I wish the class had focused a little more on the medical information side of things than just the coping and relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques always seem a little hokey to me – here’s my reaction to those scripts.

teacher – picture a relaxing place

me – got it

teacher – picture yourself on a beach

me – wait, i was in a market in southeast asia. now i have to be on a beach? is that beach in asia? no wait, that’s kind of smelly. the bahamas? north carolina?

teacher – you hear the waves

me – I don’t even know where this beach is yet! what waves? I’m still deciding how many rocks there are here!

teacher – the water comes in and out

me – waves, waves, why can’t i think of what waves sound like right now. we were just on a beach last week. i should have gone for a relaxing walk. would that have been relaxing?

and on and on. My brain doesn’t turn off. I may be bringing a stack of fabric to the hospital so I can go to my happy place of designing quilts so I don’t have to worry about imagining a beach!

They don’t tell you to breath the way all the movies show anymore, so now the breathing practice is just “breath in, breath out” and occasionally, “you felt a contraction come, you’re breathing a little faster” and “make sure you don’t clench up or hyperventilate”. Got it. Deep breaths and no high pitched moaning.

One girl in the class was sure all day that she wouldn’t need to pay attention to all the natural stuff because she was just going to get an epidural. If they had presented the medical information up front she might have felt differently (she thought an epidural was a pill you took, not a needle going into your spine) and they kind of glossed over how much time you’ll be laboring before you can even get an epidural. Of course, she also said she’d breastfeed and then asked how to switch her baby over to all formula. Hopefully she’ll be attending some sort of breastfeeding class, too, that covers all of that a little better. Our teacher (a labor and delivery nurse) didn’t even want to show us the c-section video, but with 38% of births (or something like that) being c-sections now, it seems like that’s important information to be prepared with. Not just the happy, perfect, scenarios where you have a manageable labor and are able to deliver naturally. It also seemed like every breastfeeding example was someone who was able to achieve a perfect latch within the first day, while I know a lot of people struggle with it a lot more than that.

So are we prepared and ready? As much as we can be, considering that we really have no clue of what it’ll be like. The newborn care part seems a whole lot scarier – at the worst labor is over in a couple days, but then we have to figure out how to take care of this little guy 24-7 for a whole lot longer!


Third trimester with a vengeance

I’m starting to realize why people complain about their third trimester just a little bit. I’m not at the stage of “get this baby out of me” yet, and it’s not about the size of the belly, either (although I have no idea how big this thing is going to get after 2.5 more months of growing!). I’m excited about finally getting to meet our little guy, but there’s still a lot that needs to be done before he gets here, nest-wise (and I don’t think I’m fully nesting yet, just getting ready). Two months seems like an acceptable amount of time to get things done, except that our weekends are filling up and my energy level has dropped back down. The last two Wednesdays I’ve taken two hours naps after dinner. That certainly kills productivity, although I must need the sleep!

When I sit down in a dress my belly sticks to my legs, which I can’t cross anymore without cutting off my circulation. I feel like there’s a pinched nerve in my back that means I can’t bend over or twist to the right at all, although hopefully that’s just a passing thing or I can find some stretches or chair pads to alleviate it (and it’s making me think an epidural is probably a really good option for me). I can still sleep, but rolling over is getting more and more difficult.

I get spacy sometimes at work – not just tired, but not very present in my work. I still need to submit my plan for leave and figure out how to stay productive when I’m not all there.

But we’re going to have a baby! And be parents! We found our “fancy” stroller from craigslist over the weekend (wow is it huge) and I have a plan at least for finishing off Will’s room. I’m just about done with the quilt gifts that needed to be finished so now I can start sewing for him for real. His kicking has woken me up a couple nights, but it’s still pretty cool to feel him moving around so much.


28 weeks

No excuse for my expression here, I’m really not sure what’s going on. Just wanted to show one of my fun jackets.

This dress was a thrift shop find – I look for linen clothes that I can re-use in quilts, etc because linen tends to be expensive. The bigger the dress, the better, because there’s more fabric. This one happened to be maternity, it just needed some shortening so it wasn’t just a huge sack. I waited until now to shorten so I could allow for the added length that a larger belly requires, but it looks like I still managed to make it shorter in the front. Oh, well, it’s pretty cool and comfortable anyway.

Not too much exciting about this outfit (although I did have a fun new necklace that I got for my birthday), but I like that you can see exactly how big I’m getting. And it looks like I’ll have to keep facing the camera because hey double chins!

I also got a new ring to wear from etsy since my fingers are too swollen now for my regular jewelry, and the pitying look from a lady at church made me think that maybe it was time :).