28 weeks

No excuse for my expression here, I’m really not sure what’s going on. Just wanted to show one of my fun jackets.

This dress was a thrift shop find – I look for linen clothes that I can re-use in quilts, etc because linen tends to be expensive. The bigger the dress, the better, because there’s more fabric. This one happened to be maternity, it just needed some shortening so it wasn’t just a huge sack. I waited until now to shorten so I could allow for the added length that a larger belly requires, but it looks like I still managed to make it shorter in the front. Oh, well, it’s pretty cool and comfortable anyway.

Not too much exciting about this outfit (although I did have a fun new necklace that I got for my birthday), but I like that you can see exactly how big I’m getting. And it looks like I’ll have to keep facing the camera because hey double chins!

I also got a new ring to wear from etsy since my fingers are too swollen now for my regular jewelry, and the pitying look from a lady at church made me think that maybe it was time :).


One thought on “28 weeks

  1. Abby G says:

    Meagan you look great! Love checking out your ensembles when I remember to take a peek at your blog….beautiful ring, the comment about the lady at church cracked me up.

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