Third trimester with a vengeance

I’m starting to realize why people complain about their third trimester just a little bit. I’m not at the stage of “get this baby out of me” yet, and it’s not about the size of the belly, either (although I have no idea how big this thing is going to get after 2.5 more months of growing!). I’m excited about finally getting to meet our little guy, but there’s still a lot that needs to be done before he gets here, nest-wise (and I don’t think I’m fully nesting yet, just getting ready). Two months seems like an acceptable amount of time to get things done, except that our weekends are filling up and my energy level has dropped back down. The last two Wednesdays I’ve taken two hours naps after dinner. That certainly kills productivity, although I must need the sleep!

When I sit down in a dress my belly sticks to my legs, which I can’t cross anymore without cutting off my circulation. I feel like there’s a pinched nerve in my back that means I can’t bend over or twist to the right at all, although hopefully that’s just a passing thing or I can find some stretches or chair pads to alleviate it (and it’s making me think an epidural is probably a really good option for me). I can still sleep, but rolling over is getting more and more difficult.

I get spacy sometimes at work – not just tired, but not very present in my work. I still need to submit my plan for leave and figure out how to stay productive when I’m not all there.

But we’re going to have a baby! And be parents! We found our “fancy” stroller from craigslist over the weekend (wow is it huge) and I have a plan at least for finishing off Will’s room. I’m just about done with the quilt gifts that needed to be finished so now I can start sewing for him for real. His kicking has woken me up a couple nights, but it’s still pretty cool to feel him moving around so much.


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