30-32 weeks

Tarah's shower: Three preggos, and one co-host with energy to spare!

What can I say about the last few weeks?

  • The back pain did not last, thankfully
  • I got a cold that came mostly with a sore throat, so lemon & honey have been in my tea instead of milk and I’ve upped the Vitamin C. That seems to have kept it back to manageable levels.
  • We went to the beach for a night, and while I couldn’t swim in the ocean much for fear of the waves knocking me over, a dip in the pool was pretty wonderful – I could move! I gave my weak arms a little work-out trying to haul my body back and forth across that pool.
  • Still generally more tired, but I’ve also been working extra hours to make up for the beach trip and for our trip north this week for Cirque du Soleil and taking Trigger hunting.
  • I filled out my leave request for work, so hopefully that all gets approved and made official and all that.
  • I’m finding it less fun to look presentable each day – partially because I’m getting bigger, and partially because it’s still been so hot. I have some things with sleeves I haven’t worn as much, but they’re not so good when it’s in the 90’s and I’m overheating anyway. It seems to be cooling off this week though.
  • I may be displaying several signs of nesting. My priorities about cleaning the house seem to be increasing a bit…at the very least, I feel an increasing sense of urgency about all the things that I need to get done around here before the baby comes.

30 weeks, 3 days

32 weeks


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