33 weeks

Yeah, not too much to say now – I’m pretty tired out by the time I get home from work and pretty much take a nap every night. We had a fun time celebrating my birthday in DC this weekend, going to National Harbor, Pollo Cabero,  and seeing Cirque du Soleil “Ovo”. We picked up a couple things for the baby’s room at IKEA on the way back, so now I need to think about how I want to arrange things on the wall. I keep pushing things too far with my back in terms of how long I can sit up and do things, so I’m trying to be mindful and rest when I need to. It helps that Carl’s got a lighter class schedule now, so he’s around more to help out. It’s cooled off to actual sweater weather now, which is nice since I’m pretty overheated a lot of the time. Of course, Trigger has decided that he should start sharing our bed now, too, which means it’s pretty crowded in the double! I bought this dress on sale at Loft so I could have something new for the third trimester. It was fun to pull out something new for fall the other day. I’m also almost to “teacup” stage (where I can balance a teacup on my belly while I’m sitting) – I can manage if the cup is empty, but it’s not really upright. Somehow that’s my mental sign of when I’m ready to pop since my mom marked that point with each of us.


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