Our fur baby

Everyone’s been asking how Trigger is going to handle the new baby. I’m pretty sure it’ll be one of the biggest challenges of having a newborn, trying to keep him separated. Anyone want to puppy-sit for a couple months? Are you sure? He does listen more than he used to, but would still like to have all of our attention all the time, thank you very much, and lets us know when he’s feeling neglected.

On top of that, the vet diagnosed a potential food allergy a week ago, so we’re cooking all of his meals (I know, right? We’re those people. And it’s a good thing we were already planning on making our own baby food so we don’t turn out to cook the dog food and buy processed food for the baby). But cooking for him (chicken in the crockpot with potatoes or sweet potatoes) is the only way we can eliminate all of the questionable additives that may have been making his paws and ears itchy (I’m very glad that his allergy hasn’t been demonstrated through a digestive disorder, ew). We have to try this for two months to be able to clear his system from the old stuff, so hopefully we can figure it out.

Oh yeah, and he started “marking” about a week ago. So there’s that to watch for, and a couple extra loads of laundry to account for it. The good thing about a dog as a practice child is that he trains us more than we can mess him up, which won’t be the case with our kids!


One thought on “Our fur baby

  1. Kimberly Wegleitner says:

    Trigger will do great!!!! Some things that we did with Bentley that might help with Trigger: a few weeks before my due date, I started carrying around a baby doll wrapped in a blanket so Bentley could get used to the idea of me having a baby in my arms. Also, the first night after Landon was born (while we were still in the hospital) we sent home a blanket that Landon had been sleeping with so Bentley could get adjusted to the scent. Good luck!

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