34 weeks

I finally decided just to go with a photo booth picture, double chin and all :). Plus there’s a long story behind this shirt. I tend to win a lot of contests, and I entered a few for a maternity brand that was promoting on a bunch of blogs this spring. I won a $50 gift certificate in May, which it took them til August to send (after sending my address twice and tweeting them more than once). When they finally sent a gift code, they removed everything from the clearance section of their website for a few weeks, which meant that nothing was below $50. They finally put things back on clearance in September, but then it was a little warm for this 3/4 length shirt, and when I wore it today it’s too short and I had to pull it down all day long! It may be getting close to muu-muu time.

I had a really nice baby shower on Sunday afternoon, so hopefully I’ll get some pictures to post here soon. We’re pretty well set for what we need – I started ordering the practical things like diapers on Tuesday so the boxes will be piling by the door now.

At my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday I was 34 weeks 4 days but measured 35 weeks – it’s only a couple days, but I’ll take it (except that my other assumption besides going late is that I’ll have a big baby, so maybe that’s what measuring big is about). No other signs of early labor, though – just a few braxton hicks and the desire for frequent naps. My pelvis hurts when I walk sometimes, too, but nothing too bad.

We’re carving pumpkins tomorrow – when I bought them today I resisted the urge to crack a joke about smuggling one under my shirt.


2 thoughts on “34 weeks

  1. Abby G says:

    I can help you get a cute muumuu when you are ready- just let me know! 😉 At my 25 week appointment (25 weeks, 0 days) I was measuring 27 weeks- have been measuring “big” from the beginning- she said it doesn’t necessarily mean a big baby- I’m just not sure what it does mean. I take my due date even less seriously based on this. You look great! Abby

  2. i’m very curious to know what those braxton hicks feel like… do they hurt? when did you first start to feel them? i think i still have a ways to go before they start, hopefully. i’m a little bit scared, hehe 🙂

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