35-36 weeks

35 weeks, 4 days

Hey! It’s like there’s a whole baby in there! And it’s beginning to feel like he could come out at any time! Well, not really. In spite of the stretch marks and growing size (and I think he’s dropped enough that I have an appetite again…appetizers & desserts are so hard to resist now!). No contractions to speak of except for occasional cramping when I’m tired out. Saturday I basically spent the whole day in bed and I’m still enjoying evening naps. Next week I’ll start working from home full time, which should help if I need a little mid-day rest.

35 weeks, 6 days

Last week I found out that I won’t get the full three months of maternity leave I was hoping to take. I knew there was a chance I wouldn’t qualify since I just started my new job in May, but I was still hoping. I’ll have to start back part time around the first of the year, depending on when I actually go out. Right now my guess is that no matter how late I go in the pregnancy, my leave will start at Thanksgiving at the latest.

36 weeks, 2 days

Like my ruffly dress? I bought it at Target this spring and when I showed it to Carl he said that even if they didn’t sell it as maternity, with all that room maybe it should stay a maternity dress. I feel funny wearing it to work, so it’s a weekends only kind of thing. Somehow the shape makes me feel like a Christmas tree, but for the literal-minded I’m playing peacock.

At my doctor’s appointment today I was measuring normal, and I’m 1 cm dilated with the baby head down, so everything seems to be getting into place. We had our hospital tour last night and it just so happened that my friend Tarah had delivered hours earlier, so we got to stop by and see her beautiful baby girl. That made everything really real – I don’t know if we’re ready for baby yet, but Carl reminded me that at least Tarah got to “be done” being pregnant first! I have a “breastfeeding back to work” class Thursday to learn about pumping and all that helpful stuff, and we have an infant care class on Saturday, so we’re getting all the stuff checked off the list that I feel like should be taken care of (although of course we could make it work if we needed to at any point now). It’s weird not knowing if we have 1 more week or 5 more to go! I’m also trying not to feel too pressured by the fact that we should have our house “company ready” for visitors who will stop by afterwards – listening to my body and getting the required rest is really more important.

I’ve been waking up quite a bit in the night with bad dreams, so pray that I can get a little bit more rest at night in the next couple weeks, too.



One thought on “35-36 weeks

  1. Corinne says:

    You are adorable. I love your ruffly dress the most of all of your pictures so far. I had a dream I was in an elevator with you and I told you that you were a cute pregnant woman. Even my subconscious thinks you’re adorable!

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