37 weeks (38 Friday)

Yep, ready to pop. It still surprises me a little to see the side profile in all its girth. I’m bigger than I feel – until I try to stand up from the couch, that is. Then I feel exactly this big. I’m having a few more Braxton Hicks, but nothing to signal that anything is getting going. At the doctor yesterday I was still 1 cm and he’s not dropped into position yet. They also told me they’ll induce before Thanksgiving if things aren’t moving by then. It’s easy to be critical of that philosophy when you’re not pregnant, and complain about overusing drugs to fit the doctor’s schedule, blah blah blah, but sitting here getting bigger it’s hard not to be impatient. I still don’t want Pitocin, though, so hopefully we won’t go too late.

I’m working from home full time now, which is nice, although it means Trigger and I have some extra time together. We’ve had to go back to using his training collar since he doesn’t always listen and I can’t exactly pick him up and make him go where he needs to, but I think there’s a chance that he acts out mostly because he’s hungry and I need to recognize the cues better. Today was long because it was raining outside and he couldn’t get all of his energy out, but I used the old babysitter trick of introducing a new toy. Monday he got out when the UPS guy came and I ended up running down the street chasing him – quite a scare (and not just because I don’t run under the best of circumstances, not to mention in my stocking feet 9 months pregnant) because he’s never gotten out before and showed no signs of stopping or listening to my calls, except for the things he needed to stop and sniff. There were a couple cars that stopped and helped me catch him, and gave us a ride back to the house, too. My ~5 year old ipod shuffle fell out of my pocket in the process, but thankfully I’ve been able to get back to sleep most nights this week without it (I liked that it was so old so I didn’t have to worry about rolling over and crushing something nice in bed). Hopefully we’ll find a good replacement on craigslist soon. Trigger wouldn’t have been as easy to replace.

We’re getting most other things on the to-do-before-baby list checked off now, too. Hospital bag & diaper bag are packed, laundry done and sorted into drawers, and Carl installed a new pantry cupboard in the kitchen yesterday so that’s getting organized, too. The car seats are in the cars, but the bases aren’t completely installed and there are still some things to be hung on the walls of the baby’s room, but those are on the list for this weekend. Will won’t exactly be able to tell the difference in his room decorations, and he’ll be sleeping in our room at first, anyway :).


One thought on “37 weeks (38 Friday)

  1. How cute are you! and do not worry – it’s not that hard. when i had my first we were in a tiny apartment in atlanta and greg had accepted a job in VA so we knew we had to go house hunting three weeks after the baby was born. he had no room, no bed – just a car seat and clothes and he slept in a basket by our bed – or in bed with me. he’s now 11 and we’ve had 2 more amazing kiddos(rooms done months after they were born). and don’t buy everything now – they do very little but eat and sleep the first several weeks and you will feel cooped up home all day long – you will NEED to get out of the house for a bit of shopping therapy. Only thing i recommend you buy now is a breast pump for the fist week when you are terribly swollen and the babe isn’t eating nearly enough to help. You will do great!

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