Hospital Bag

Here are a few notes on what we packed or were missing in terms of our hospital bag, while I can still remember.

I actually packed in advance, thanks to reminders from Carl, but he didn’t pack all of his stuff until we were rushing out the door, and I don’t think I followed much of a system in packing based on what I ended up with.
What we brought:
– sparkling juice for a toast, we totally forgot to do in the excitement of having a new baby
– camera, camera cord, phone chargers, computer, computer charger, etc.
– Playstation (so we could watch movies in our room)
– flip-flops for the shower – my legs didn’t feel well enough to use the shower while I was in labor, though. I also packed swim trunks for Carl in case I wanted to use the shower and needed his help.
– slippers – didn’t really use
– pajamas, nursing tank & bra – I changed into pj’s on day 2 because I was tired of the lack of coverage from the hospital gown. I somehow didn’t have enough t-shirts, though, just one to go home in, so I ended up wearing one of Carl’s
– robe – didn’t use, changed to my pajamas when I got tired of the hospital gown and didn’t leave the room a whole lot anyway
– quilt/pillow – I used the pillow, Carl used the quilt (could have used a sleeping bag)
– sleeping mat for Carl – he appreciated being able to sleep flat on the floor instead of partially propped up by the recliner.
– snacks: I appreciated having some fruit to snack on when it wasn’t time to order a meal
– toiletries: I didn’t actually shower until we were getting ready to go home. Of course I couldn’t find a comb for my hair (must have gotten left behind in the rush out the door) and of course I had brought shampoo but no conditioner so my hair was a real mess. I also couldn’t find the soap provided by the hospital, but I had planned on using shampoo for that anyway.
– books/magazines: I was glad to have a few things to flip through. There were a lot of hours when the baby wasn’t in our room and tv/movies alone got kind of old.
What I wish I would have known:
– bring your medications! The hospital pharmacy didn’t have everything I take in stock, so I was responsible for getting that and Carl had to make a run to Walgreen’s for my over-the-counter meds
– bring an extra outfit for the baby…we brought a couple sizes because we didn’t know how big he’d be, but of course I got him dressed to leave and his diaper immediately leaked all of the place.

3 thoughts on “Hospital Bag

  1. felicity says:

    I’m glad I wasnt the only one to find the hospital gowns lacking in coverage! for my 2nd a friend gave me a Gownie, and it served so many purposes, If I had to take only 2 things, it’d by my own pillow and my own gownie. congratulations to you in any case!

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