There have been some answered prayers since I posted Tuesday, because the last two nights (and days) have been drastically different. Will’s gone to bed around midnight, slept a 5 hour stretch both nights, and napped on a schedule throughout the day. Turns out there was nothing for me to do but wait out the phase, I guess. I’m praying that this development will stick, because it’s amazing how much better our days are going with a solid amount of sleep at night! I’m getting things done, going on outings, and showering before noon.

So this is the sling that I’ve been wearing Will in, around the house and since yesterday when we go out, as well. Of course of all of the slings and carriers we own it’s the least fashionable, but I like the padding around the edges. It’s not completely handsfree since Will usually likes to be put in it vertically and needs the support for this neck, and when he curls up to sleep in it I support it from underneath, but it’s great for our baby who likes to be held close and walked around – I have some use of my hands and my arms aren’t getting as tired anymore. It’s so much more convenient than the stroller or carrying the car seat around when we go out. At first he would sleep every time he was put in it, but he seems to be adjusting to sitting in it more often now. When he does fall asleep in it, it’s easier to lay him down in the bassinet, too.


5 weeks

Will has decided that he won’t go to sleep for the night before 2 am, no matter how much he’s been awake during the day. So I’m adjusting to doing some cat-napping and sleeping sitting up while I nurse him in the night shift so I’m not so frustrated waiting for him to fall fully asleep. He’s got to be in a deep sleep before he goes down in the bassinet or he wakes back up and we have to start over. The thing is, with a 2 am bedtime, he sleeps through til 5:30 or so, at which point he generally eats quickly (or it feels like that because we’re up while Carl’s getting ready)¬†and we can sleep til 8 or so. Yesterday our morning nap lasted until 10 which was nice, but might have messed up the day a little bit.

In my tiredness I picked up a certain baby scheduling book yesterday to figure out what I could do better in regards to sleep. It was pretty disappointing to read all of the ways I’ve messed up by not employing a schedule already, even though our issue isn’t that he doesn’t sleep through the night (he shouldn’t be at this point) but that he doesn’t like to go to sleep at night. Anyway, after feeling badly about what that book said all day, I picked up a book that said the exact opposite, which are a lot of things we’ve been doing, and felt better about the fact that raising a baby isn’t a science and you do what you need to for each individual child. The first book had me doubting that I understand any of his cries, which I don’t think is true at this point.

From the first book I was glad to learn the Eat-Activity-Sleep order – I too often just let him sleep during the day if he’s sleeping and then in the evenings I’m hoping and trying to keep him awake. Not that activities are too exciting with a 5 week old, but we’ve got the swing and activity mat. From the second book I was glad to read that a baby’s wants and needs are the same thing, and to remember that my time at home being able to spend all my time snuggling the baby are short enough that I should feel privileged to take advantage of this time and be completely present, and also that there’s nothing wrong with following my instincts and comforting my baby when he’s upset.

We had a good trip last weekend, although it was a lot of driving in one day for Carl and I couldn’t stay awake to keep him from falling asleep during the drive. Will did well in the car – I fed him an hour in on the way up but we hit some traffic congestion, so he woke up hungry 20 minutes from our destination on a road with no exits. We used every soothing technique we could think of for that period. He slept the whole way back and I slept most of the way too, which was good. I also changed his diaper on my lap in the car during the first stop, which is a benefit to tiny size!

I’ve been using cloth diapers the last few days – mostly the prefolds with Thirsties covers, which give less leaks than the bumgenius because of the custom fit when you fold them. I definitely have to change them more often, though, right at 2 hours, because he can feel the wetness so much more clearly and gets cranky right away.


One Month

One month old today! We’ve started getting out for some outings during the day, but today was a snow day indoors because the roads were supposed to be pretty icy. Will’s still not sleeping reliably at night, but he loves the car and sleeps well, so we’re feeling brave enough to head north for a family Christmas gathering this weekend and then next weekend for Christmas, too. I may lose the rest of my pregnancy weight just from walking around to calm down a fussy baby! He doesn’t cry very loudly unless he’s hungry or something’s wrong, but definitely has fussy periods, probably because he’s gassy.

Oh, and do you like that blue? If I had a girl, I’d probably be taking a stance against all the pink, but blue has always been my favorite color so I really don’t mind blue stuff, as long as everything’s not too pastel.


Sleep Sack for the Win!

I totally thought we’d be pros in the swaddle by this point. And we did spend a lot of time at the hospital swaddling and double-swaddling. It didn’t take long once we got home, though, to realize that our little kicker was intent on getting out of the swaddle, which would make him cold enough to wake up. I kept looking down and seeing a fully swaddled baby with one leg sticking out. He wouldn’t go in the velcro swaddler (that I picked up at a garage sale) at all. Thankfully I had gotten this one at Target the week before he was born, and we use it every night (we got a second one as a gift so I don’t have to wash it everyday now). The night he slept the worst this week I had him in a sleeper instead, so I won’t make that mistake again. He usually wears a long sleeved onesie underneath and only needs a light blanket on top to be comfortable.

It’s funny – I always thought it was weird when people put their babies in pajamas to get ready for bed, because aren’t babies usually in pajamas all day anyway? Except now we have a night-time routine that involves dressing Will in his onesie and sleep sack for bed.

Then again, I also didn’t understand how moms had a hard time fitting a shower into their days – just put the baby down! But Will often falls asleep in my arms and wakes up as soon as I put him down and fusses until I pick him up again, so the rare naps when he sleeps on his own I have to debate if I’m going to nap or shower (and hope they don’t happen while we have visitors or are out running errands).

It figures, though – I’ve noticed a few times that anytime I judge people for the decisions they make or the situations they’re in (for the simple or the big things) I have to watch out or I end up in the exact same spot doing the exact same thing they did. Which you would think would make me less judgmental in the first place, but I’m still learning there.


All my boys

I love this photo of my three guys together in one place. Carl gets some baby holding time every night when he gets home from work.

Trigger would like you to know that he’s available for the job of chief diaper checker and face licker, if only you’ll let him. He thinks he’s perfect for the job. We’re thankful that he seems to be doing better this week – he’s gotten sick a couple times, but only when we tried to speed up his feeding schedule a little bit. We’re hoping he’ll get some meat back on his bones soon.



We had a great Thanksgiving visit from my family, and we were glad that Will was born in time for them all to meet him while they were here. They all did a lot of driving for a quick weekend trip. We have so much to be thankful for this year.

Will’s stroller is also his bed, so he spends a lot of time hanging out in it! The weather’s gotten a little cold now for easy walks, so it’s good we got some outside time in those first couple of weeks.

Uncle Eddie and Auntie Shannon

Pants don’t work so well on legs that are always curled up. And look at how he fits crosswise in his crib! He doesn’t sleep there at night yet.

Time with Grandpa

Uncle Matthew

Uncle Eddie

I didn’t always feel like the best host since my post-partum emotional low fell while everyone was here, but it’s hard to know how much was because I was sleep deprived, too. I did get some naps (even though I had to be reminded to go sleep) and was able to recoup a little bit after everyone left for their hotel for the evening. It only lasted a few days, and it was helpful to have a little advanced warning that it was normal.