Week 2

If I were posting daily now it would look something like this:

– we slept well last night

– we didn’t sleep as well last night

– we slept a lot but it didn’t feel like it

– i don’t think we slept much but i feel fine

(in no particular order)

Exciting, huh? I decided last week that I wasn’t going to count the hours of sleep I got each night, because I need to be thankful for any rest that we do get. Thankfully my mom was here to hold the baby so I could take naps during the day, and even remind me that I should take a nap and go to bed early enough at night. And things are gradually getting better – there’s less wide awake time in the middle of the night, less cluster feeding at night, more awake time during the day, and occasionally we sleep for 3 hour stretches. There have even been a couple times that I’ve had to wake up Will because I’m awake before he is for a middle of the night feeding!

The good news at our two-week appointment was that he’s up to 8 pounds 1 ounce, which is half a pound over birth weight and a full pound from a week before. So all of this feeding time is going to a good purpose! He has a blocked tear duct that we have to massage and put ointment on so it looks gunky sometimes, but otherwise everything is looking good. Unfortunately, Trigger is sick and has been for a few weeks and the vet can’t figure out what’s wrong, so we’re not completely worry free.

We have a couple days on our own now, and then Carl’s mom will be here for the weekend for some baby snuggling time!


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