We had a great Thanksgiving visit from my family, and we were glad that Will was born in time for them all to meet him while they were here. They all did a lot of driving for a quick weekend trip. We have so much to be thankful for this year.

Will’s stroller is also his bed, so he spends a lot of time hanging out in it! The weather’s gotten a little cold now for easy walks, so it’s good we got some outside time in those first couple of weeks.

Uncle Eddie and Auntie Shannon

Pants don’t work so well on legs that are always curled up. And look at how he fits crosswise in his crib! He doesn’t sleep there at night yet.

Time with Grandpa

Uncle Matthew

Uncle Eddie

I didn’t always feel like the best host since my post-partum emotional low fell while everyone was here, but it’s hard to know how much was because I was sleep deprived, too. I did get some naps (even though I had to be reminded to go sleep) and was able to recoup a little bit after everyone left for their hotel for the evening. It only lasted a few days, and it was helpful to have a little advanced warning that it was normal.


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