One Month

One month old today! We’ve started getting out for some outings during the day, but today was a snow day indoors because the roads were supposed to be pretty icy. Will’s still not sleeping reliably at night, but he loves the car and sleeps well, so we’re feeling brave enough to head north for a family Christmas gathering this weekend and then next weekend for Christmas, too. I may lose the rest of my pregnancy weight just from walking around to calm down a fussy baby! He doesn’t cry very loudly unless he’s hungry or something’s wrong, but definitely has fussy periods, probably because he’s gassy.

Oh, and do you like that blue? If I had a girl, I’d probably be taking a stance against all the pink, but blue has always been my favorite color so I really don’t mind blue stuff, as long as everything’s not too pastel.


3 thoughts on “One Month

  1. Catherine says:

    Adorable! The facial expressions are too cute. I still need to come up to Williamsburg and visit soon… Oh, and I love the blue!

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