5 weeks

Will has decided that he won’t go to sleep for the night before 2 am, no matter how much he’s been awake during the day. So I’m adjusting to doing some cat-napping and sleeping sitting up while I nurse him in the night shift so I’m not so frustrated waiting for him to fall fully asleep. He’s got to be in a deep sleep before he goes down in the bassinet or he wakes back up and we have to start over. The thing is, with a 2 am bedtime, he sleeps through til 5:30 or so, at which point he generally eats quickly (or it feels like that because we’re up while Carl’s getting ready) and we can sleep til 8 or so. Yesterday our morning nap lasted until 10 which was nice, but might have messed up the day a little bit.

In my tiredness I picked up a certain baby scheduling book yesterday to figure out what I could do better in regards to sleep. It was pretty disappointing to read all of the ways I’ve messed up by not employing a schedule already, even though our issue isn’t that he doesn’t sleep through the night (he shouldn’t be at this point) but that he doesn’t like to go to sleep at night. Anyway, after feeling badly about what that book said all day, I picked up a book that said the exact opposite, which are a lot of things we’ve been doing, and felt better about the fact that raising a baby isn’t a science and you do what you need to for each individual child. The first book had me doubting that I understand any of his cries, which I don’t think is true at this point.

From the first book I was glad to learn the Eat-Activity-Sleep order – I too often just let him sleep during the day if he’s sleeping and then in the evenings I’m hoping and trying to keep him awake. Not that activities are too exciting with a 5 week old, but we’ve got the swing and activity mat. From the second book I was glad to read that a baby’s wants and needs are the same thing, and to remember that my time at home being able to spend all my time snuggling the baby are short enough that I should feel privileged to take advantage of this time and be completely present, and also that there’s nothing wrong with following my instincts and comforting my baby when he’s upset.

We had a good trip last weekend, although it was a lot of driving in one day for Carl and I couldn’t stay awake to keep him from falling asleep during the drive. Will did well in the car – I fed him an hour in on the way up but we hit some traffic congestion, so he woke up hungry 20 minutes from our destination on a road with no exits. We used every soothing technique we could think of for that period. He slept the whole way back and I slept most of the way too, which was good. I also changed his diaper on my lap in the car during the first stop, which is a benefit to tiny size!

I’ve been using cloth diapers the last few days – mostly the prefolds with Thirsties covers, which give less leaks than the bumgenius because of the custom fit when you fold them. I definitely have to change them more often, though, right at 2 hours, because he can feel the wetness so much more clearly and gets cranky right away.


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