There have been some answered prayers since I posted Tuesday, because the last two nights (and days) have been drastically different. Will’s gone to bed around midnight, slept a 5 hour stretch both nights, and napped on a schedule throughout the day. Turns out there was nothing for me to do but wait out the phase, I guess. I’m praying that this development will stick, because it’s amazing how much better our days are going with a solid amount of sleep at night! I’m getting things done, going on outings, and showering before noon.

So this is the sling that I’ve been wearing Will in, around the house and since yesterday when we go out, as well. Of course of all of the slings and carriers we own it’s the least fashionable, but I like the padding around the edges. It’s not completely handsfree since Will usually likes to be put in it vertically and needs the support for this neck, and when he curls up to sleep in it I support it from underneath, but it’s great for our baby who likes to be held close and walked around – I have some use of my hands and my arms aren’t getting as tired anymore. It’s so much more convenient than the stroller or carrying the car seat around when we go out. At first he would sleep every time he was put in it, but he seems to be adjusting to sitting in it more often now. When he does fall asleep in it, it’s easier to lay him down in the bassinet, too.


2 thoughts on “Babywearing

  1. Jill VanderZiel says:

    We have an Ergo and I think it was the best money we spent on baby gear. I’m going to try some wraps with the new baby too. I love babywearing!

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