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We got a video camera for Christmas to be able to take videos of Will. These will probably only be interesting to our families, so don’t say I made you watch them! I’ll have to figure out how I can make the quality better next time…sorry they’re a little fuzzy on the upload.




Don’t you love how his blanket and onesie match? One of his sleep sacks matches, too – all are from the Dwell line for Target. I have to say that I love these kimono-style onesies so I’ve started using them, even though they’re still a little bit too big. Baby clothes makers take note – things that go over the baby’s head are not fun! He doesn’t like squeezing through, we’re trying to avoid squeezing the soft spots, and it’s not a pretty picture. I’m not quite sure why more baby pants don’t have the feet attached, either, except that maybe then you can roll up the bottoms and socks are warmer. But not easy to get on and to get to stay on.

So things do get easier! I had a really productive day on Saturday and realized that it’s because I can put Will down sometimes now – as much as I love snuggling with him, you can feel kind of tied down sometimes. Now he’ll fall asleep for a nap in his swing sometimes, and will sit and play in his bouncy chair, too. He’s not grabbing toys yet, but kicks at the rattles above his chair quite a bit. He used to focus on the mirror in the middle the most, but now it’s the rattle that catches his attention.

Last night Will slept for 6 hours (midnight to 6 am) for the first time, and then 2.5 hours more after his morning feeding. I don’t expect it to happen every night, but it’s nice to know it’s on the way! He’s on a pretty steady schedule during the day – he eats, stays up for an hour or hour and a half, and then goes down for a nap until it’s time to wake him up to eat again. I don’t force it, though – if he doesn’t fall asleep for the nap sometimes I feed him again. Last night he catnapped throughout the evening before bedtime.



Can’t get enough of babies? I’ve updated the links on the right with a blogroll of baby blogs I read (these are people with (usually) their first baby) so either they were pregnant at the same time I was or they’re friends in real life. Enjoy!


8 weeks

It’s hard to believe Will is 8 weeks already today! He’s grown so much – just look at that neck control. I like these pictures because they look like action shots. Nope, not crawling yet, obviously, but he tries hard to flip onto his back when he’s doing tummy time like this. Or it’s that he’s just top heavy and he accidentally goes in that direction when he flails himself around.

When he was first born, we called him a froggy baby because of how he curled up his legs when he snuggled while we were holding him. Now he’s a turtle baby – his neck and head stick up like this every time Carl holds him at night! He pushes off with his legs and likes to be in the standing position in Carl’s lap.

He’s still a little guy – 9 lbs 13 oz at his 2 month appointment last week, but he was over 10 pounds yesterday (and he’s gaining just fine even though he’s still pretty small). They measured him at 22 inches long, only 1 inch longer than birth, but I’m doubtful that that was accurate. I think he’ll need to be a little bigger before we can expect sleeping through the night.

We do see pretty frequent smiles, though! Will likes his swing, his bouncy chair, music, and turns his head toward rattles, even though he’s not quite grabbing them yet. A couple times he’s swung and hit the rattles hanging over his chair with his hands or feet and seems pretty excited or surprised that they could be related to his movements, even if he hasn’t exactly figured out what made them move. He doesn’t take a pacifier, but chews on his fist sometimes. He’s taken his first bottle (of breastmilk) in preparation for me to go back to work. I’m starting back tomorrow part time from home, so we’ll see how it goes to work around his schedule! Hopefully I’m not needing to pass him off so I can take a nap every night when Carl gets home, but I fully expect it to take 8 hours for me to get 4 hours worth of work done.


Baby Gadgets

This is the humidifier we got – I promise it’s not just the cutest, it gets really good rankings, too!

The other thing that I’m so glad we have is the itzbeen timer. It’s one of those things that sounds like such a good idea, but you wonder how much you’ll actually use it. The device has buttons you press so you remember when the last time was that you fed the baby, changed a diaper, or put him down for a nap (I think smart phones have apps that do the same thing if you have one). At first I thought I’d rely on it for everything, and set the alarm through the night, but then I realized that the baby would tell me when he’s hungry and diapers don’t always need changing on a schedule. Even now that I’m setting a little more of a schedule, I can generally keep track during the day. But this comes in so handy for the sleep deprived middle of the night calculations. I wake up with no idea how long we’ve slept, but it tells me (if I remember to hit the button). It tells me how long Will’s been eating when I’m half asleep. And it comes in handy during the day, too, when I’m feeling kind of sleepy and have to keep track of a 2.5 hour feeding schedule for Trigger which may or may not be the same as Will’s schedule.



Will’s 1st Christmas

We took Will with us to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens last week. It was kind of a funny endeavor, considering we couldn’t ride any rides, and Will’s obviously way too young to be able to see anything, plus he spent the whole time curled up in Carl’s coat and we worried that he was getting too cold. I got $5 tickets from a twitter deal in the fall, but after $13 parking and a $14 meal, they make their money back anyway! We got seats in a heated seating area for dinner and I was able to feed Will there. The lights were pretty all around the park and it was neat to see how it was decorated, but we didn’t go to any shows or stand in the long line for the penguin exhibit either.

Will’s been congested at night since we got back from Christmas in Pennsylvania. We got a humidifier that we’re running most of the day and night, but he’d still rather be upright most of the time and isn’t sleeping for long stretches at night. Saturday and Sunday it seemed like he was going through his six week growth spurt – cluster feeding, no naps, and lots of fussiness in between. He’s getting weighed this week, so we’ll see what it all amounts to! I start working again next week (part time from home), so this is the time for lots of Mommy and Will outings, which we’re getting the hang of. He’s finally able to notice things like the toys on his bouncy seat and is discovering his hands, so it’s fun to play with him while he’s awake during the day. His smiles, while still rare, are precious, too.

Here are a few more photos from Christmas, even though I’ve already posted them on Facebook and flickr. It just seems like everything should be on the blog for completeness since this is a lot more than I’m writing in his baby book!

Winter in Virginia doesn’t usually come until January and February. We had a couple light snows before Christmas, plus the first Christmas snow in our area since 1948. We drove back from PA on Christmas Day at the beginning of the storm, and it continued through Sunday, leaving us with at least 8 inches (many of our friends got a lot more than that). Carl made Will his first snowman – taller than any of us, complete with a spray painted face :). Next year Will can help push the balls of snow around the yard!