Will’s 1st Christmas

We took Will with us to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens last week. It was kind of a funny endeavor, considering we couldn’t ride any rides, and Will’s obviously way too young to be able to see anything, plus he spent the whole time curled up in Carl’s coat and we worried that he was getting too cold. I got $5 tickets from a twitter deal in the fall, but after $13 parking and a $14 meal, they make their money back anyway! We got seats in a heated seating area for dinner and I was able to feed Will there. The lights were pretty all around the park and it was neat to see how it was decorated, but we didn’t go to any shows or stand in the long line for the penguin exhibit either.

Will’s been congested at night since we got back from Christmas in Pennsylvania. We got a humidifier that we’re running most of the day and night, but he’d still rather be upright most of the time and isn’t sleeping for long stretches at night. Saturday and Sunday it seemed like he was going through his six week growth spurt – cluster feeding, no naps, and lots of fussiness in between. He’s getting weighed this week, so we’ll see what it all amounts to! I start working again next week (part time from home), so this is the time for lots of Mommy and Will outings, which we’re getting the hang of. He’s finally able to notice things like the toys on his bouncy seat and is discovering his hands, so it’s fun to play with him while he’s awake during the day. His smiles, while still rare, are precious, too.

Here are a few more photos from Christmas, even though I’ve already posted them on Facebook and flickr. It just seems like everything should be on the blog for completeness since this is a lot more than I’m writing in his baby book!

Winter in Virginia doesn’t usually come until January and February. We had a couple light snows before Christmas, plus the first Christmas snow in our area since 1948. We drove back from PA on Christmas Day at the beginning of the storm, and it continued through Sunday, leaving us with at least 8 inches (many of our friends got a lot more than that). Carl made Will his first snowman – taller than any of us, complete with a spray painted face :). Next year Will can help push the balls of snow around the yard!



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