Baby Gadgets

This is the humidifier we got – I promise it’s not just the cutest, it gets really good rankings, too!

The other thing that I’m so glad we have is the itzbeen timer. It’s one of those things that sounds like such a good idea, but you wonder how much you’ll actually use it. The device has buttons you press so you remember when the last time was that you fed the baby, changed a diaper, or put him down for a nap (I think smart phones have apps that do the same thing if you have one). At first I thought I’d rely on it for everything, and set the alarm through the night, but then I realized that the baby would tell me when he’s hungry and diapers don’t always need changing on a schedule. Even now that I’m setting a little more of a schedule, I can generally keep track during the day. But this comes in so handy for the sleep deprived middle of the night calculations. I wake up with no idea how long we’ve slept, but it tells me (if I remember to hit the button). It tells me how long Will’s been eating when I’m half asleep. And it comes in handy during the day, too, when I’m feeling kind of sleepy and have to keep track of a 2.5 hour feeding schedule for Trigger which may or may not be the same as Will’s schedule.



One thought on “Baby Gadgets

  1. We’ve been using an app on our iPod for the feedings / diapers / etc. I had a notebook tracker, but once we discovered that, it’s since been abandoned. Those electronic trackers are so dang handy!

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