8 weeks

It’s hard to believe Will is 8 weeks already today! He’s grown so much – just look at that neck control. I like these pictures because they look like action shots. Nope, not crawling yet, obviously, but he tries hard to flip onto his back when he’s doing tummy time like this. Or it’s that he’s just top heavy and he accidentally goes in that direction when he flails himself around.

When he was first born, we called him a froggy baby because of how he curled up his legs when he snuggled while we were holding him. Now he’s a turtle baby – his neck and head stick up like this every time Carl holds him at night! He pushes off with his legs and likes to be in the standing position in Carl’s lap.

He’s still a little guy – 9 lbs 13 oz at his 2 month appointment last week, but he was over 10 pounds yesterday (and he’s gaining just fine even though he’s still pretty small). They measured him at 22 inches long, only 1 inch longer than birth, but I’m doubtful that that was accurate. I think he’ll need to be a little bigger before we can expect sleeping through the night.

We do see pretty frequent smiles, though! Will likes his swing, his bouncy chair, music, and turns his head toward rattles, even though he’s not quite grabbing them yet. A couple times he’s swung and hit the rattles hanging over his chair with his hands or feet and seems pretty excited or surprised that they could be related to his movements, even if he hasn’t exactly figured out what made them move. He doesn’t take a pacifier, but chews on his fist sometimes. He’s taken his first bottle (of breastmilk) in preparation for me to go back to work. I’m starting back tomorrow part time from home, so we’ll see how it goes to work around his schedule! Hopefully I’m not needing to pass him off so I can take a nap every night when Carl gets home, but I fully expect it to take 8 hours for me to get 4 hours worth of work done.


2 thoughts on “8 weeks

  1. I just went back through your posts and I’m so impressed with how strong his neck is! Our Maya turns 8 weeks on Monday and she holds her head up straight when we have her sitting, but I don’t see her picking her head up so much when she’s doing tummy time.

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