3 Months

Will’s 3 months today! Here he is in his bumbo seat – it only works for short periods, because he’s still a little wobbly, but he loves to sit up and look out, including next to us on the couch while we support him with an arm around him. He gets a little frustrated with leaning back in his swing or bouncy seat sometimes and tries flinging his head forward to sit up more. He doesn’t pick up toys to play with them yet, but will put them in between his fists and try to move them toward his mouth. He’s waking up to eat a couple times a night again, but we’re working on getting his weight up, so I’m not minding the way to get him some extra calories. It’s making the early mornings tough, though! Today I needed to go in half an hour early, so of course I slept half an hour extra.

Here’s what’s happening just outside the frame of most pictures of Will:


Trigger, sad the attention isn't on him, but glad we're hanging out in "his spot"

“What? I don’t need you guys. I have my own fun here between the bed and the headboard. There’s totally toys down there”

"So what if Daddy's trying to make the baby smile? I'll just look out the window at the birdies and pretend I don't care"

“Aw, nevermind, you know I love him, right? And this will guarantee I’m in the picture too, right?”

12 weeks

Will is 12 weeks today! He’ll be 3 months next week. Crazy. Also crazy? His hairdo here – I washed his hair last night and when it’s wet, it’s curly. It dries straight, but sometimes sticking up all over the place. I just put a hat on him to go for a walk and that flattened it down a bit.

Will is starting to “talk” to us more – he makes “goo” and “kee” sounds and is figuring out what his voice sounds like. He still loves to kick his rattles hanging on his bouncy seat and above him on the play mat and is working on rolling over from back to front when he lays on his back. He’s still sleeping in his bassinet in our room and when he does wake up to eat in the night he goes right back to sleep. He’s also had a couple nights going to bed around 10:30, so maybe we’ll be able to back it off from midnight after all.

This is the week I’m going back to working full time hours – part time from home, so our part time nanny started yesterday. Pray for us all as we make this transition! It’ll be an adjustment, but I’m sure it’ll work out just fine. I woke up to pump in the middle of the night before Will woke up last night to help build up the stock in the freezer so that we can keep nursing even when I’m away – it hasn’t been an easy process so far. I think my schedule for the next few months will be consist of sleeping, feeding Will, and working (not necessarily in that order) and that my craft supplies should just get packed away, sad as I’ll be to temporarily part with them. I was surprised to be able to keep up with laundry and dishes on an almost daily basis on maternity leave (for the first time ever) so hopefully they don’t start piling up now and we can keep eating semi-healthful meals. Carl still has 1.5 classes to finish up for his MBA, but we’re counting down the days til graduation now!