3.5 months

(Let’s go back in time to last weekend when I wrote this, okay? It took me that long to get the pictures loaded. Now he’s closer to 4 months, and is only sleeping 2 hours at a time through the night, so it’s been a sleepy week for the rest of us! One of the best pieces of advice I read said to think of every day in the first year as a growth spurt, so you don’t get to hooked on the last routine. But hopefully we’ll get settled into a routine again soon.)

Will’s a pretty cheerful guy these days! He’s started grabbing things and playing with toys, along with dropping them from the side of his chair for us to pick up and throw back. Really, though, he’s most amused by his own toes. He’s rolled from front to back a couple times, but hasn’t really figured out how it works yet. Will LOVES tummy time, as you can see from his smiles! There are times he’ll fuss until I put him on his tummy, and he’s working on his army crawl. For being such a small guy, he’s working on being mobile. Will coos and “talks” to us frequently, too.

Sleep is getting better, but isn’t predictable yet. Every night except one last week there was at least a 5 hour stretch of sleep, but his off nights and many naps still happen in the swing. He loves being held most of the time, being walked around facing out or in the sling, and seems to notice when we try to walk away and get something done without him!


Life Lessons

So the last two weekends we’ve been learning life lessons of the not-fun kind, the kind where you wonder if you’re really ready to be a grown-up (except we’re in our 30s now, so we shouldn’t be surprised).

Last weekend we learned not to leave nice things in our unlocked cars overnight even in our “safe” neighborhood. Whether they were professional thieves or just kids walking around, I’m sure they thought they hit the jackpot, since not many people leave a wii just sitting in their car (along with other electronics). They were there because we had taken them with us to play with friends at Carl’s birthday party. Police report filed, homeowner’s insurance claim will be filed, we’re neither leaving things in our cars anymore nor leaving them unlocked, and are thankful that it’s just stuff and we were all safe inside the house. Trigger could have earned his keep as a watchdog a little better, but everything’s fine. Lesson learned.

Last night we were settling in for a quiet evening in. I threw a load of laundry in the wash before dinner, and after dinner got up to load the dishwasher and possibly make a loaf of banana bread. When I walked onto the linoleum, my socks and jeans got wet, and I yelled so eloquently at Carl, “AH AH AH WATER AH AH AH WASHER”. He doesn’t like it when I unduly alarm him by yelling something out, but maybe I should practice getting my point across when there really is a problem! Yes, our washing machine had broken and was spraying water all over the floor. It was 1/2 inch deep in the laundry room and was flowing across to the kitchen. 3 hours later, all the towels I could find in the house, borrowing a few more from friends down the street, a trip to the store for another fan and a rope to hang towels up on the screen porch and finally feeding the fussy baby, and the mess was cleaned up. We’re very thankful that we were home – if not, everything in the house would easily have been ruined. And all of that fussing while he wasn’t being held meant that Will slept 6.5 hours straight last night with another 3 hour stretch this morning, so we were able to recover from our exhaustion somewhat, too. But the life lesson? When people tell you not to leave the house with the washing machine or dishwasher running because they’ll flood everything if they break? They’re serious! Don’t do it! Thankfully, Carl figured out what was wrong, fixed it and tested it, so we’re back to operational laundry today and I didn’t have to spend the afternoon at the laundromat with Will. I think all of the towels have been washed now and we’re gradually catching up with everything else. Cloth diapers went on hold until I was sure we’d be able to catch up for sure.

Next Saturday night? We’re hoping we’ve had all of our excitement for awhile!