3.5 months

(Let’s go back in time to last weekend when I wrote this, okay? It took me that long to get the pictures loaded. Now he’s closer to 4 months, and is only sleeping 2 hours at a time through the night, so it’s been a sleepy week for the rest of us! One of the best pieces of advice I read said to think of every day in the first year as a growth spurt, so you don’t get to hooked on the last routine. But hopefully we’ll get settled into a routine again soon.)

Will’s a pretty cheerful guy these days! He’s started grabbing things and playing with toys, along with dropping them from the side of his chair for us to pick up and throw back. Really, though, he’s most amused by his own toes. He’s rolled from front to back a couple times, but hasn’t really figured out how it works yet. Will LOVES tummy time, as you can see from his smiles! There are times he’ll fuss until I put him on his tummy, and he’s working on his army crawl. For being such a small guy, he’s working on being mobile. Will coos and “talks” to us frequently, too.

Sleep is getting better, but isn’t predictable yet. Every night except one last week there was at least a 5 hour stretch of sleep, but his off nights and many naps still happen in the swing. He loves being held most of the time, being walked around facing out or in the sling, and seems to notice when we try to walk away and get something done without him!


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