Happy Half Birthday, Will!

Dear Will,

It was six months ago now that you joined our family and changed our lives forever! We’re so happy to be your Mama and Daddy and to watch you grow every day. We love you so much.

Will, 6 months
Will, 6 months

It’s been a big two months since I posted here last. The biggest change is that we moved into our new house! You won’t remember living in the other house, but it was the first house Mama bought 8 years ago, and the first house we lived in as a family. Your room there was shared with the guest room and had all of Daddy’s stuff in the closet, so now you’re lucky enough to have your own space. You hardly even slept in that room, since you’ve become a good sleeper mostly since we moved into the new house. The sleep thing is pretty great, by the way – thanks for making progress there. You go to bed around 8 every night, wake up once to eat (for less than 20 minutes) and sleep til 6:30 most mornings. You’re entirely anti-nap unless you’re being held, but we’re so glad that you sleep at night now. It means I’ve been able to get a few things done after you go to bed every night. I always thought the fun must start after I went to bed when I was a kid. So far you’re not missing much besides laundry and dishes, so you can be glad you’re sleeping through that.
Will, 6 months (Trigger was sleeping peacefully on the couch and as soon as I grabbed the camera off the counter had to come jump into the frame. He’s smarter than he looks).
For the last week you’ve figured how to flip over in bed so you sleep on your face. It worries me to no end that you’re not going to be able to breathe with your face all smooshed up like that, so can you at least start rolling your face to the side? It is helping you sleep more soundly, though, now that you can get yourself into a comfy position.
Will, 6 months
You’ve been rolling from front to back for a couple months, but the back to front thing is pretty new in the last week. It’s fun watching you realize that if you want something you can actually get to it, although I don’t know how we’re going to keep up with you once you can! You started sitting a couple weeks ago, too, and can last a pretty long time there! You skipped right past the tripod sit, although you still do better now if you’re holding a toy and not reaching out to grab something out of reach, but your balance is getting better. You didn’t ever do too well in the Bumbo, always trying to figure out how to get out of it, and your standard position in most chairs now is to arch your back to try to roll out.
Will, 6 months

You’ve been eating small amounts of solids for about a month – sweet potatoes, acorn squash and pears so far. It only took about 2 days before you were grabbing the spoon and helping it into your mouth, and sucking the food right off of it. Now you’re grabbing for our cups and trying to figure out what’s up with that. You got faster with nursing at about 4.5 months, so instead of our hour long sessions you finish up in 15 minutes or so. Now you get impatient with even that if I try to do anything else! You want to know what else could possibly grab my attention besides you, so I’m trying to slow down and appreciate the time we still have to cuddle together.
Will, 6 months

Last week you learned to buzz your lips and do the letter B, so it’s really fun to hear all of the sounds you’re learning to make. Hopefully now that we’re settled a little bit I’ll keep this a little more up to date, and write again before you turn 1! We love you buddy.

Mama and Daddy


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