Carl’s Graduation

the graduate & family
Carl graduated with his MBA on Sunday. We had quite the busy weekend – our neighborhood yard sale was Saturday morning so we participated to get rid of a few of the things that we realized were extraneous during the move, we had a graduation open house on Saturday afternoon (for which we had been preparing by unpacking each evening in the week, but at least now our downstairs is unpacked), and entertained family Saturday night, all with a baby who only wanted to be held by mama and was too excited by all of the commotion to get proper naps. We had to get to campus by 8:15 Sunday morning. Thankfully, the rain held off for all of the important parts.
Grad party
It’s a relief to be closing the door to this particular journey, although I’m very proud of Carl for getting his Master’s degree. This is the first time since we started dating that neither of us is in school with homework to complete – even through the summers! The next graduation that we’ll be attending is Will’s preschool graduation in a few years, and I’m happy to declare this a homework free household for quite some time.


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