7 months

(So blogging still hasn’t reached the top priority for this working mom’s life, who realized a couple weeks ago that maybe it would be a good idea to get this house unpacked at some point. Baby steps [not literally, not yet]. So this is a little late, but it still happened. Also, the reason I have time tonight is that Will is in bed at 7:15, which is great for my productivity, but not so much for my weeknight social life! I guess we’ll be cancelling evening plans for the near future. But yay sleep!).

The biggest event of Will’s seventh month was his first trip on the airplane, our summer visit to Illinois to meet my grandparents and some of his great aunts and uncles.
He did great on the plane – ate and slept the whole way there, although we were delayed on the way back so his nap happened at the airport and we had to work a little harder to keep him entertained on the way back. He also picked up a cold on our trip that he kept for a couple weeks, but – mixed blessing – he needed sleep so much that he began consistently napping in his crib for the first time ever, which has continued even after his cold has gone away. Oh, and by the way, the thing that has helped in napping and in sleeping at night? Is sleeping on his belly. Which you’re not supposed to allow for the first six months because of the SIDS thing, but as soon as he could roll to his stomach, that’s how he would sleep. So putting him down on his belly to start with gets things off to a good start. And thankfully he’s learned to put his head to the side now, so I’m not so scared that his head is smooshed onto the mattress. But we did get a mesh crib bumper because we didn’t want the smooshed face thing but he was also rolling over and getting his legs stuck in the slats of the crib, which elicited screams too.
I don’t have any of the pictures we took with extended family on my camera, but we went to Anderson Gardens on Memorial Day when Illinois weather suddenly warmed up.
family photo, 6.5 months
Will also continued along with eating solids, expanding to foods like green beans (loved them), squash, and pumpkin. He wasn’t so sure about peaches until they were mixed with other foods, but pears mixed with rice cereal were a big hit. He also got more mobile – more rolling and a lot of rotating around on his tummy.
family photo, 6.5 months

6.5 months


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