In motion

Will had been practicing his crawling positions for a few days. If there was something he wanted that was just out of his reach, he’d get up on all fours and then reach forward for it, but not go any further when he pushed it out of his reach again. Monday afternoon, Michelle warned me that I had a few hours until he was on his way. Sure enough, Monday night he was on his way. This video was taken Tuesday.

Here we go! He’s not very quick yet with this unique motion somewhere in between army crawling and real crawling, but he goes straight toward wires and anything he shouldn’t have, so we’re staying on our toes!


3 thoughts on “In motion

  1. Samuel Jones says:

    That is some nice inch-worm action! Libby never did that exactly but did this wiggly, hip-twisting army crawl, that just got faster and more efficient. She’ll get up on all fours now, but get back down for an army crawl, pushing with elbows and toes, if she wants to get somewhere. I don’t know if she’ll transition to hands and knees or not. I’d say Will does though.

    Why do babies love wires so much? Wires, tags, and DVD cases. He’s not even looking at the colorful side, but they are still fascinating?

  2. Kim G. says:

    It’s pretty funny how Trigger immediately takes Will’s spot on the quilt once he’s moved. haha. Way to go Will! 🙂

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