Vacation hosts

swinging with Shannon

Swinging with Shannon

We haven’t really taken a summer vacation this year, but we do live in a great place to come visit! I’m not great at taking pictures with family – I just assume someone else will or I’m too busy having fun, but here are a few to update. It’s been pretty hot in the daytime, but we did make it up to the park with Shannon, and to the pool one evening with Grammy and PopPop.
Williamsburg tradition

We demonstrated to Heather and Tim what each child must endure in CW at the stocks.
Williamsburg tradition

Even if Will wasn’t so sure at first that he liked the idea.
antique shoppingAnd we escaped the heat with some overpriced tourist town antiquing. Figures that the places with somewhat better prices have much worse air conditioning. Will had had his fill of the stroller by that point, but we may not have success with him around the breakables for too much longer!


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