10 months

Well, at least I’m consistent in posting the monthly updates about a week late! Last month Will experienced his first earthquake (it was almost nap time, so what did he know?), his first hurricane (much rougher for Mama and Daddy to go without power than for Will, except for the a little bit disrupted sleep schedule because of the heat). I went back to commuting every day, but after some original separation anxiety we’ve adjusted pretty well. I think it helps that Carl does the morning transition instead of me. We’ve started weaning for daytime, but he still nurses 3 times a day. It’s weird for me to have to prepare a bottle of formula to feed him even when I’m home, but that’s how it goes until we can switch to cow’s milk at 12 months.


Will was dedicated at church on August 21st, and had his Grammy Jeske, Grandma and Grandpa Buch, and Aunt Christine all there for the special day.


He’s started dancing whenever he hears music, which is probably the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. He’s still picking up speed with his crawling, and cruising along the furniture pretty well, and will stand unassisted for short periods of time. Walking is probably not far too far to go, although his legs aren’t usually very strong underneath him when we hold his arms to take steps. We love to see the smile on Will’s face when he figures out something new and realizes how smart he is (even if it leaves us scrambling to catch up!).



Healthy appetite



I keep expecting Will to have an appetite proportionate with his very small size, but I guess he is pretty active all day long. Tonight for dinner he ate some cottage cheese, cheerios, AN ENTIRE SWEET POTATO, and he still wanted rice out of my bowl and nursed before bed. I need to stop sharing my food with him because he inevitably wants my whole portion.