11 months


Dear Will,
I get a twinge every time I refer to my baby now, because I can see you’re quickly becoming a toddler. You’re still holding on to that one hand for help with walking, and reaching as far as you can over to something so you don’t have to risk a step on your own, but you see every obstacle as something to potentially climb. We’ve finally gated off all the stairs because they were just too much fun, but I’ve seen you lifting your leg to try to get up on the coffee table, ottoman, and couch, you crawl all over Trigger, and you’d love to climb right over the side of the couch or the back of the chair. The lawn is the best place for you to practice walking because you don’t like the feel of grass and really don’t want to sit in it or have two feet touching it at the same time. Your favorite game is to place a collection of things on the coffee table and then swipe them to the floor, or to pick the dirt out of the potted plant outside, handful by handful.


This month you went to the beach for the first time, and loved it. We also went to the fair and the pumpkin patch, and you still enjoy being outside. It’s started getting chillier on occasion, though, and you’re not a big fan of long sleeves, pants, and socks. It’s going to be a fun winter trying to keep you clothed and warm!


You finally started eating some meat, and continue to have a good appetite. You’re not a big fan of the sippee cup, and although you can feed yourself your bottle, if someone else wants to hold it (or feed you) you’re willing to let them take over. We had a rough month for sleeping, but you still just have 2 teeth and seem to be sleeping better again now. You babble all the time, especially when you’re looking at your books. It’s not just one sound repeated anymore, so it sounds like you’re saying complete sentences in your own little language, we just haven’t figured out the translation yet.


We didn’t think it was possible that you could get cuter than when you were born, but with those chubby cheeks, big blue eyes, sly smirk, and cheerful giggle (you laugh along with anyone who’s laughing) you’re getting cuter and more fun all the time.


Love, Mama and Daddy

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