Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from our little horsey! We went to a MOPS Halloween party on Saturday night, and Will managed to keep this costume on for a little while – turns out it was pretty hot and difficult to crawl in, plus it was long enough that he can probably wear it next year, too! I didn’t think there would be much for him to do at WISC (Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex), but it turns out that there’s plenty in a gymnastics gym for a baby to find exciting. There was another baby his age (holla, Evie!) that he had fun going up and down the foam ramps with, and lots of fun things to crawl around and explore. Maybe next year he’ll start to realize what the bounce houses are all about. Of course, as you can see below, it doesn’t matter how many cool toys there are, it’s stuff like the camera case that’s a real hit.






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