Catching Up

So I guess a couple things have happened around here since I posted last? Maybe? Considering it’s not Halloween anymore?

 Let’s see – Will turned 1 (we just had a couple from church over for beef stew and chocolate chip muffins, but he did get a Princess Cake at Thanksgiving from Carl’s grandmother).232323232fp;_6_nu=3257__;__9;9_WSNRCG=354;46_9_4325nu0mrj


He learned to walk right around 13 months, after standing and taking a few steps at a time for awhile. 
IMG_0080 (We weren’t even going to do Santa, but then we were there, and uh, you can see it didn’t go so hot).
He became a pickier eater, but stayed a good sleeper. He drinks milk out of a cup with a straw, and no bottles. He has 7 (!) teeth – the top 4 all came in at the same time, which was kind of rough.
He got his first haircut (don’t worry, it’s almost all grown back now). 


He mimics “dada” and talks to himself with vigor, but we still can’t really understand what he’s saying.
He traveled to Pennsylvania and Texas for Christmas to visit grandparents and great-grandparents. He did great on the planes (but wore out his parents) but wasn’t fond of sleeping in a new place in a new bed every night and every naptime. He went to the beach, and was shy around people he didn’t know well yet. But he did have fun when there was finally another kid to play with. He was happy to come home.


He loves to cuddle with Mama, and climb over Mama and Dada. He likes toys that play music, and dancing. He likes to put objects in containers, take them out again, and figure out the lid. He likes opening and closing doors.You’ll know that he’s excited to eat something because his eyes are closed and his mouth is wide open. If he wants more food he says “na-na-NA-NA-NA”. If something is in his sight and not on his tray, he’ll scream for more as long as he can see it. If food is within his reach (a box of crackers, a bag of apples), he’ll walk over and help himself as long as he can figure out how to get into the packaging. Otherwise he’ll bring it to you for help (oh, is it time for dinner already?). He’d rather not wear shoes, socks, and will pull at his shirt to try to take it off. We’ll be in trouble when he figures out that skill. In the last week he’s started walking around pointing, but if you try to teach him another skill (clapping, waving) he’ll look at you like he thinks you’re doing quite a fine job all by yourself. He’s quite serious about flipping the pages in his books, but isn’t ready to slow that down so you can tell him what the words on the pages might say.



One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Abby says:

    So fun to read about what he is doing these days and see how similar he is to Noah in some activities…., and I think you just helped me figure out what Noah’s na na na NA NA NA’s mean :)… all this babbling, just wish I had a translation! Congrats again on baby 2, so exciting!

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