15 months

Mickey ears

We have a few “words”! Ok, so they’re usually sounds that we can kind of interpret, although last night when I put the wrong cheese in Will’s bowl, he was mighty clear with his no, no, no until I pulled it out. He repeats “one, two, da” for Carl’s “one, two, three” and when he learned where his nose was last week he would also make an oooo sound to go with it. Dada and doggie are in there somewhere, along with quite a few words that Will speaks clear as a bell that we just can’t understand.


Will also finally learned to clap last week, but each skill seems to replace an old one, so we don’t see his arms rolling anymore like they used to. Now his dance move is running in place instead.


He loves to empty the dryer as soon as the beeper buzzes, and hands me the remote when he wants Yo Gabba or Sesame Street fast forwarded to a better part (he really just likes the songs).


He closes the door when Trigger comes in from outside, but if it’s warm enough out he’s tempted to take a step out to the deck, so we’ll be keeping a closer eye on that as the spring comes! It’s finally staying light enough when I get home from work to be able to spend a ltitle time outside in the evenings, and I’m looking forward to being able to continue to do that more as the weather stays warmer.


He gives Trigger great hugs, and loves to hug his friends when he’s playing with them.swedish sweater

It can be a little frustrating because there’s definitely more that’s communicated through screams and grunts right now than through words, and a lot of demanding moments, but he’s also learning quickly and it’s a joy to watch that smile light up.

swedish outfit


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