Will at 18 months

So big!
Loves: Running, dancing (which includes running, stomping, and going in circles along with lots of arm movements and clapping), circles (in his shape sorter), dogs (he’ll run after them at the beach, in CW, and at your house, barking at them all the way)
Words: no, uh-oh, mama, turtle (well, for the 2 days he said it), bye-bye (not in context, but it’s there) and some others that come and go
Interests: books, Baby Einstein, the camera, electronics of all kinds, watering plants in the yard, cuddling with blankets and stuffed animals
Foods: peanut butter sandwiches, cottage cheese, yogurt, lots and lots of fruit (don’t worry, we’ve been sneaking other food as often as we can – PB & black bean sandwich, anyone?)
Teeth: Getting close to 11, I really hope


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