These are the things I want to remember

Will's 2nd birthday
Will turned 2 a couple weeks ago, and he’s definitely progressing along. Words that used to be one syllable are turning into 2: banana used to be “ba” but now it’s “ba-na”. Thomas used to be ‘s-Ta (it’s Thomas!) and now is Tms (but Toby is a very clear To-by and Gordon is the cutest Gow-don). Sometimes compound consonants get mixed up – spoon is poonce. He loves books, puzzles, and coloring, but also running laps around the downstairs of our house, or having Carl push him down the hallway on a cart upstairs, yelling 1-2-3 Go! He’s a huge fan of dinosaurs and can say Rex & Tops (for triceratops) and is trying to say a few others (and some are in a language all his own).

DSC_0002 (2) (this picture is about the kid, not the mess!)
If he’s feeling sad he’ll say “carry” so someone will pick him up, or point at my shoulder and say “that one” if he wants a hug, especially if I’m holding Becca. He likes to point out that something is broken, or if something needs to be put on. He still likes helping by emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the lint trap, getting the dustpan and sweeping. He wants to get his own bowl and spoon, pour his own milk, and cut his own cheese (with help). He’s learning his colors and will sometimes count to 6 or 8, but we’re not allowed to sing the alphabet song anymore. He likes to point out O’s and 0’s as circles in books, and can say his shapes when he’s playing with the shape sorter. He moved into his big boy bed over the weekend, and has done really well so far, but we go get him as soon as he wakes up and haven’t put any toys in his room so there’s no temptation to get out of bed. The next step will be to get Becca in the crib overnight.

Becca continues to surprise me with how different she is from Will (even though my favorite line when I was trying to figure out what would work with Will was that every baby is different! and it’s my advice to other people! but it’s true!). Will would nurse for super long sessions, and would never choose to end on his own and would only nurse to sleep. Becca nurses for 10 minutes (more if she’s super hungry) and won’t eat if she’s full or if she’s distracted, and will go to sleep by just being rocked or even if she’s laid down in her bed if she’s had enough to eat during the day. She doesn’t like bottles but when she’s hunger striking I don’t walk into the door to a screaming baby (which doesn’t mean she hasn’t been fussy during the day) – it’s like she’s just resigned herself to the fact that I’m gone and she’s not going to eat. She’ll just get kind of sleepy instead. Our secret to getting her to eat hasn’t been any particular bottle, but giving her a little bit of formula as a last resort. Not my first choice by any means, but it’s just enough to get her kickstarted after a long weekend or a particularly stubborn day, and makes sure she’s not going hungry or getting dehydrated, and that I’m not having to get up all through the night to make sure she’s fed.
DSC_0043 Before the long weekend she was even sleeping longer than I was. She’s long and lean, and loves to kick and coo. She’s started buzzing her lips, which Will then imitates so it’s like they’re having a conversation. He also goes up to her and says “hi, baby” in a high voice which just melts my heart.DSC_0053


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