Will, right about now

Will’s at such a fun age right now – he’s moved beyond the “copy everything we say” stage to where we’re starting to get an insight on what he’s thinking about. The first time I can really think of was at Christmas when he started saying “Grandma” and when we went to Christmas town and he couldn’t stop talking about the penguins and horses. Now he’s starting to tell stories: “One time, little pigs built house”. 

A lot of Will’s language in play centers around trains and the things he’s heard in Thomas shows and books. If something is under a table or the couch, it is “under the tunnel”. Trigger’s kennel? A tunnel. Will told me a detailed story the other night about how Gordon (the train) had gone down “the tunnel in the toilet”. (He had not, thank goodness). We don’t have any Thomas tracks yet, but that just means everything is a track. And because in the show there are “troublesome trucks”, Will often talks about “troublesome tracks”. The car that James pulls behind him is called baby James number 5. Thomas is “Thomas the tank engine number 1”.

Will has learned his letters, and it’s kind of snuck up on me that he knows them now. He may not say them when you ask, but if you listen when he’s playing on his own he’ll accurately identify the letters on the alphabet train or you’ll hear him say under his breath “DEFGH”. We haven’t done anything with lowercase, but he’s figuring them out. I had to remind myself this morning that when he was spelling out “Dinos.u…” that he couldn’t really spell, that he was just pointing out the letters he knew. Most things are identified first by their colors. “Mama! Purple jacket!” Who knows how high he can count – we’ve heard up to 13, but I think he can probably go higher, and he can identify them by sight up to 10. It’s really just the start of all he’ll learn!


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