Becca, 9 months on

Swingin'. Grown up and tiny at the same time.
I’m pretty sure all parents feel like their kids are growing up too fast, but there’s a point where your little tiny baby all of a sudden has opinions and starts trying to do things on her own and you’re all like whaaaa? Where did that come from?

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Cooking together

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Becca started scooting right at 6 months and making it clear where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do. Between 8 and 9 months she got up on her knees and picked up some speed, and started pulling to standing. We call her danger baby because she’ll stand up next to anything, never mind how stable, and often let go. Thankfully she’s stabilized a little bit and also learned to plop down instead of falling backwards quite so much. She’s started climbing a bit, although she hasn’t had full opportunities to show us that skill. The other day I caught her climbing up on the dishwasher door and also doing a pull-up to stand on it.
This one has been waking up early to spend extra time with me before work this week
Just when I thought my kitchen days were over because she wanted to be cruising around getting into everything, she learned to eat puffs and sit in her high chair or bouncy seat snacking for a little bit. She’s got very little interest in pureed baby food – that would involve someone else feeding her with a spoon, and who wants that? She’ll eat it from a pouch, or feed herself thankyouverymuch. She wants to eat exactly what we’re eating, and is a big fan of meat, hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, and bread (probably because Will is basically a vegetarian). She likes to chew on green vegetables (her first favorites were snap peas as teethers) and loves black beans, rice, and pasta. I’m slowly getting used to the fact that there’s another mouth to feed at the table and she won’t be happy at meal time unless she has her own full serving.

She’s not a cuddler because she’s always on the move, but that makes it even more special when she lays her head on your chest for a split second. She’ll still hang out in the carrier, especially if she’s not feeling well, but that may be because the eagle eye view helps her know what’s going on.

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Just about big enough to start helping, right?

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She wants to play with all of Will’s big-boy toys, and I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s joining in on all of the fun.


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