Will’s Phrases

I keep a running list of these and keep forgetting to post them. By the time I remember to do it, he doesn’t say them anymore! But there’s even more reason to keep on top of it.

  • Dull-bozer = Bulldozer. What’s fun about this one is that he’ll correct us if we say it the right way.
  • For awhile all we would hear for answers to questions was “I no ro” (I don’t know). It was infuriating at the time, but he’s moved on to “why” now, so there’s that.
  • Instead of saying that he was “stacking” things, Will would “cover” them. So two books needed to be covered, not stacked.
  • If you ask Will a question, he’ll often answer in a complete sentence. “What’s you’re favorite color?” “My favorite color is red”.
  • Will can’t wake up until the sun is up, so every morning he has to check and make sure if “the sky is on”. At night, “the sky is off”.
  • Sometimes in the midst of a tense moment or shortly after, we hear that “something is happening” or “something happened”. It means that there was something too much for him to process or explain accurately.
  • Will identifies every letter of his name as being “for” him. M is for me! A is for me! I is for me! His “reading skill” for this level of preschool is name identification, but it can mean that every time he sees the letters from his name he thinks it says “William Buch” even if it just says “Will” but it’s pretty cute when he spots his name in a safety warning “this gate will not prevent injury”.
Of course the best phrase ever (sappy mom moment ahead) is hearing Will say (mostly to Becca), “I love you very much”. Well that and “I love carrots soooo much. They’re delicious.” Don’t let that fool you into thinking he’ll eat more than one baby carrot, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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